1" Soft FOE - Ooga Booga 10 yards

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Monster FOE 10 yard

 10 Yards of Plush FOE - Fold Over Elastic with Blue Ooga Booga Monsters


Fold Over Elastic is soft and easy to use. It is matte (not shiny) and latex-free. 

Uses include: diapers, diaper covers, trainers, training pants, swim diapers, blanket binding, bibs, underwear, headbands, and more.

Use a ball point or knits needle. Sew with a zigzag or 3-step zigzag stitch. Stretch the elastic as you sew to the amount that you want the edge gathered. Ease the elastic around curves that you want to lie flat (such as the wings on a diaper cover).

How much FOE do I need?
For a small diaper cover 1.5 yards, a medium 1.75 yards, a large or one size 2 yards.

Machine wash and dry. Do not wash with hook and loop as it can snag the soft fibers.