BetterDry Premium Briefs

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BetterDry Premium Briefs

Bag of 15 Briefs (Cases contain 4 bags - 60 briefs)

These diapers are solid, thick and extra absorbent. They are suitable for heavy to very heavy forms of incontinence.

Extra absorbency designed for night time use.
Soft PE (plastic) outer cover, latex free.
Improved refastenable flex tape tabs for easy refastening.
Stretch elastic waistband in the front and in the back.
Soft elastic standing leg cuffs for comfort and extra protection.
Odor protection.

Available Sizes: Medium - Fits waist of 29-43 inches. Absorbency is 4394 ML, Weight 212 Grams
Large - Fits waist of 43-59 inches. Absorbency is 5128 ML. Weight 237 Grams

The sizing on these is more generous than most brands on the marketplace. Ie. They fit on the large side.

Manufactured in Italy for Thrust Vector Ltd. Germany, the makers of ComfiCare Products

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  • 5
    Better dry

    Posted by Danny on 2017 Dec 8th

    first time i buy this diapers and i like so much comfort for this diapers

  • 4
    Premium diaper

    Posted by ET on 2017 Nov 30th

    For it's price point it's a fantastic diaper. They're identical to Crinklz minus the print - which will save you a significant chunk of change.

    The gels get very squishy but the tapes are strong and preserve good form on my body after many wettings.

  • 5
    quality of BetterDry Diaper

    Posted by Unknown on 2017 Nov 22nd

    Probably the best diapers I've ever bought ,strong plastic , good adhesive,very soft inner .

  • 4
    Second best briefs

    Posted by LitleWli66 on 2017 Nov 2nd

    Tried these to see if same as Abena M4 but fell short on the capacity part however they do absorb as fast but prefer to stay with first choice. They may work fine if booster is used but may be big under clothing and I don't like waddling around.

  • 5
    Very good product

    Posted by Jeff Kocher on 2017 Oct 30th

    After the potential discontinuation of abena, I tried these as a viable alternative. The fit is superb and the tapes do exactly as intended with no need to worry about them popping off. They are the dual tape, so at most you can reposition once.

    They hold almost as much as rearz store branded diapers, and can hold up to a side sleeping wetting.

  • 5
    HUGE Surprise

    Posted by Freddie on 2017 Oct 19th

    I was under the impression these would be "budget" based on price and general appearance. They are SUPER PREMIUM, what a GREAT DEAL!!!!!

  • 5
    Better dry

    Posted by Ron Zaiser on 2017 Oct 9th

    These are a fantastic product.

  • 5
    One of the best and with good discretion.

    Posted by Tobias on 2017 Aug 20th

    This is one of the best diapers, especially for over night. I travel a lot and need protection during the night, and this is discreet enough to take with me anywhere and they contain quite a lot of leakage and very seldom leaks. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Top Diaper selection, period

    Posted by D B on 2017 Aug 18th

    If you need thick diapers at night or very comfortable protection at work, BetterDry works fabulously. They have a great set of cuffs and leak guards, and there is enough room between your legs to protect but let you feel the softness. You can wet several times and this diaper will cradle you just like when you were a 2 year old. Add a onesie at bedtime and you will get a great night's sleep, padded and taped up securely. My favorite diaper, 24/7.