Bulky Fitted Nighttime Cloth Diaper

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Bulky Fitted Nighttime Cloth Diaper

This thick and heavy duty cloth diaper is the most absorbent adult fitted diaper in our store.  It is designed for night use and has a higher rise than average.

Available in white, pink hello kitty or blue with bears. Soft flannel inside and out.

The nighttime version is specially made with extra layers of protection for heavy to total incontinence!

Small (Labelled S-M) fits 28-39"
Medium (Labelled M-L) Fits 35-50"
Large (Labelled L-XL) 50"-67" 

These diapers are not waterproof and should be combined with a waterproof cover.

These diapers hold up to 6 cups of fluid - great for day or night with a booster! No folding, no pins, just velcro on, add a cover and go!
The last bonus in the inside 5 layers of fibres are synthetic, so they don't take 2 hours to dry. 
Also the synthetic inner is anti-bacterial!
The design - 8 total layers of absorbency!!!

Don't forget that all of this is finished with easy to use and adjust velcro closures.

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  • 5
    Fantastic Diaper

    Posted by Sean Sydor on 2017 Sep 7th

    I got the L/XL size in pink. The pink is a beautiful color, the Velcro works well, and the designs are super cute. Recommenced to anyone looking for some cute gear.

  • 4
    Great quality

    Posted by Ryan on 2017 Aug 29th

    Pros (for my own personal tastes):
    - High rise in front and back.
    - Strong and thick single-tab velcro for a secure, snug hold.
    - Elastics around legs pretty much go all the way around the leg, coupled with the elastic waistband feels very baby-ish.
    - Perfect for me to use as a cover due to the fit and added bulk, but I could definitely see this being used as a stand-alone product (I only wear for comfort).
    - Super soft cloth on the outside and extra wide padding that comes all the way to the top.

    Cons (/Suggested improvements):
    - Sizing seems to be a bit off. I'm a 32 waist so i expected the small's velcro tabs to come in a lot further to the center, but it's pretty close to not fitting my waist very well at all, especially when used as a cover. If you are a size 34-36 or more, get a larger size.
    - The loop zone on the front is a bit high due to the high-rise design I mentioned earlier, so there's not really an option to angle the tabs downwards as I'm used to. Fits kind of awkwardly at first, but it's tolerable and is held in place good enough due to the elastic waistband.
    - The only thing missing is that I wish the wings around the hips were wider. It feels a bit lacking since the velcro is so high due to the design. Basically I wish the bottom parts of the wings had more to them, maybe an extra velcro tab with wider wings like a typical double-tab disposable, and an extra bottom-tab loop landing zone

  • 5

    Posted by Roland Dupaul on 2017 Aug 21st

    Great fit no leak very good!

  • 5
    Bulky Fitted Nighttime Cloth Diaper

    Posted by Christopher Simmons on 2017 Aug 19th

    excellent,,very comfortable and hold a lot,,only thing is as someone else commented whilst it fits me well,,when i order more i would go size larger,as i dont have a lot of leeweay

  • 5
    Great Choice

    Posted by Alex on 2017 Aug 18th

    As far as a cloth diaper goes this is probably one of the best on the market, it's bulky, soft and absorbant.

    As others have said I would reccomend going a size up from the size chart and allowing it to shrink in the drier If it is too big.

    The description recommends using a plastic liner over the diaper, which indeed is necessary as the cloth will become damp on the exterior.
    My personal solution because I don't like "plastic pants" or liners, is to place a disposable inspire+ in control diaper over it.

    Either way I would recommend trying this if you are looking to try out cloth diapers or are looking for a new cloth diaper.

  • 5
    Everything I hoped for.

    Posted by Lady7Diapered on 2017 Aug 4th

    When I first saw the picture of this diaper; I was a bit skeptical at first about how it would fit. The picture really doesn't do justice for this diaper; it fits wonderfully. Being a diaper lover; I wear diapers simply for comfort. I used to wear only disposable diapers, since they fit much better than any cloth diapers I could ever acquire. Of course; that was before I discovered this cloth diaper. This one has the fit of a disposable diaper more or less, and best of all; I can wear it more than once. I wish I could have gotten this diaper sooner; I love everything about it. The snug fit, the bulky padding, the Hello Kitty print (since that was the print I bought it in); It's absolutely perfect. It isn't very often that something I buy lives up to every expectation I have. Though I do agree with some others who reviewed this product that there should be some more variety in the prints; the print variety takes no part in my review, since that is just a preference; and doesn't effect the function of the diaper whatsoever. I rate this product highly; and I personally thank you, Rearz, for having the one diaper I have always wanted.

  • 3
    feels great but the size

    Posted by Myles on 2017 Aug 4th

    Hey so i got this in the mail a little while ago and i love it. i love the buck of it and how soft they are. My only issue with it is the sizing chart. I got the S/M since im a 34W however i found them to be rather small, I could only get about 3/4th ov the velcro strip to touch the landing pad and the rest of it was dinging into my side. and now that i have gained a little more weight i have found that i cant get it to fit at all, If i was to order another one i would have to try getting a size up. and if its to big, then ill throw it in the dryer to get it to shrink a bit.

  • 5
    Very comfy. I love it.

    Posted by Lady7Diapered on 2017 Jul 26th

    A great alternative to wearing disposables. In fact; I find them much better all around. The cloth diaper fits snuggly, the Velcro tapes stay in place much better, the tapes can actually be adjusted; there really isn't anything to not like about this diaper. And since I only wear diapers for comfort and not use; I'd rather wear a cloth diaper than waste disposables. Thank you Rearz for having the diaper I always wanted. The variety in design may be limited; but I don't mind. I love Hello Kitty! :D

  • 5
    Fired Bulky diaper

    Posted by Bob on 2017 Jun 19th

    At first I was very reluctant as it appears to be made for looks instead or practical usage.

    It is just the opposite. Most comfortable diaper I have ever worn day or night.
    Living in a state that is very hot, I gave up on disposables. Too sweaty and not for a mobile person.

    With my build I am fortunate that I can wear one of these with a liner and not be obvious that I am diapered.

    Very absorbent, well fitting, and so comfortable it has made the entire situation of being diapered bearable.

    I ordered several dozen small for day time and a dozen medium for night time. Added a medium sized prefold diaper make it combo very bulky. But my wife and I are able to joke about it and I have never had any night time leaks.

    All in all, it is the best of the best and so soft and comfortable you have to try them.