Crinklz Diapers

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Crinklz Diapers

The Crinklz diapers feature the super cute Crinklz and friends print on the plastic outer cover. They are very bulky and extra thirsty. In size M the absorbency  is 4394 g and in size L it is 5128 g (in accordance with ISO 11948-1).

The Crinklz diapers come in boxes that contain four polybags. Each polybag contains 15 diapers for sizes M and L. The box has a discreet print on the top that can be covered by the shipping label; the other sides only have barcodes on them.

Size M fits a waist of 75-110 cm (29-43 in), size L is designed for a waist of 110-150 cm (43-59 in). The main product features are:

  • cute Crinklz print, all-around slightly elastic plastic outer cover
  • high absorbency
  • big, refastenable tape tabs
  • elastic waistbands in the front and in the back
  • extra high standing leg cuffs (ca. 5,5 cm / 2.16 in) to accommodate diaper doublers
  • wetness indicator
  • odor protection
  • latex free
  • made in the EU

Note: Please do not put new and unwashed plastic pants over the Crinklz diapers. The plasticizer contained in the plastic pants may make the print rub off onto the plastic pants. If that happens, please wash the diaper pants at the maximum permissible temperature.


Bag: 15

Case: 60

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  • 5
    The best ever

    Posted by Chris on 2017 Aug 26th

    I absolutely love these diapers. They are extremely comfortable and have a little bit of stretch in the fit even after the tapes are on so that aren't pinching. My mommy loves how cute they are and how much they absorb so that changes arent needed as frequently. Never had a leak issue with these like I have with other brands.

  • 5

    Posted by Adam on 2017 Aug 24th

    I really love these diapers, they hold lots and make me feel like a baby

  • 5
    Awesome Diaper Super Absorbant

    Posted by Peter on 2017 Aug 21st

    Whether your an AB/DL or furry this cute nuresery printed diaper is sure to please. The absorbancy is fantastic and the plastic back has just enough stretch in it to ensure an awesome fit. Did I mention this diaper is absorbant...its awesome!

  • 5
    So cute and fantastic.

    Posted by Tobias on 2017 Aug 20th

    I absolutely love these diapers. The quality is outstanding and the amount they hold and how quickly they absorb is amazing. The print is also quite nice. I would like to have bigger print like on the old version. These are one of my definitive favorites.

  • 5
    One of the best

    Posted by Jean on 2017 Aug 18th

    I have tried most of them since about 2004. 24/7 diapered. I like these a lot, soft and babyish.

  • 5
    Not the same as the original, but still darn good!

    Posted by D. B. on 2017 Aug 18th

    Holds a ton, swells a comical amount and has tapes that hold up well for hours. Reminds me of an Abena but with twice the capacity and a cute print to boot!

  • 4
    Bonne couche

    Posted by Eric on 2017 Jul 27th

    Très bonne couche, jolie design, coupe très ajusté monte haut sur le devant , bonne absorption, les collants tiens très bien bonne couche de jour et de nuit

  • 5
    These are very fun and crinckley thats for sure . They are very comfortable to wear . Not as thick as Princess or Safari but hold up to several soakings with out leaking . I love these for public wear because they are very discreate . I hightly reco

    Posted by Kendra on 2017 Jul 6th

    These are super fun and baby like to wear . Great foe any one that wants to wear a diaper . I highly recommend these . Fun and crinkly .

  • 5

    Posted by Matthew on 2016 Sep 26th

    Just bought these and I absolutely love them. I never got a chance to try the old style ones because I was too heavy to wear them when they were available but these ones were amazing. I thoroughly soaked it and it took 4 full soakings to get it to leak, only ones that ever performed better than these ones were the Safari and ABU Space Diapers, these ones are definitely on a short list of my absolute favourite AB Diapers, will definitely get these again. Tapes held up incredibly well too.