DC Amor Pink Diapers 2016

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Bags of 12

 - reinforced 40mm 3M tabs

 - softer, higher quality and very durable 40g outer PE plastic

 - less compression, providing a nice THICK soft core

 - refinements to prints giving higher quality graphics and rich color

In addition to these upgrades, it's my pleasure to announce the Amor will now come in a SMALL size!  These will exclusively feature a single 70mm tab on each side, as opposed to the Medium and Large sizes which will retain the 40mm double tab system.  If you were on the lower end of the medium size spectrum, you will absolutely adore the new Small, designed for 21-32" waist/hips!

Of course these diapers will retain their signature features of:

 - super-soft non-woven topsheet (interior surface)

 - imported SAP with incredible wicking power

 - 5000mL ISO rated capacity

 - front/rear waistband

 - all-over printed design and bags


Sizing measurements are:

  • Small - 21 to 31 inches
  • Medium - 30 to 40 inches
  • Large - 38 to 48 inches