Gigantic Size 10 German Pacifier

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Compared to our other adult pacifiers.

 MEGA Adult Baby Pacifier or Dummy

"Latex size 10+ nipple with large large guard". This is by far the largest pacifier in our catalog.


Therapeutic trainer for speech therapy and physiotherapy. These teats are stuffed inside with cotton, so they do not deflate like regular pacifiers. The photo comparison is with a size 6 adult pacifier

Very hard to find and sought after in the AB community!

Sucking is a natural reflex that exercises the tongue and mouth muscles while producing a soothing effect. To satisfy this innate need while allowing for proper oral development, orthodontic pacifiers are designed for the natural development of the jaw.

Care for Healthy Pacifier Usage:

  • Prior to first use, sanitize 
  • Pacifier should be cleaned prior to each additional use
  • For day-to-day cleaning, simply wash with hot water and mild detergent then rinse clean.
  • Pacifiers should be replaced at any sign of deterioration

Recent studies have also shown that pacifier use may cut down or completely eliminate snoring. This enables those suffering from snoring to enjoy sound sleep themselves and make sure that their family members get their rest at night as well. It uses the same principle as swallowing. When a subject sucks on the pacifier, the tongue rests behind teeth. When the tongue remains motionless, soft palate no longer vibrates and consequently it prevents sound from occurring in the first place. In addition, while holding the pacifier in his mouth, the person is not inclined to open his mouth. Reportedly they manage to cure 7 out of 10 people from snoring.

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  • 5
    Size 10 German pacifier is a must have pacifier . I recomend this pacifier to all Adult Babies out there . You will love it .

    Posted by Baby Girl on 2017 Jul 6th

    This pacifier is a mouthful that's for sure . But its very comfortable and very satisfying . I highly recommend this to all . It is my new favorite .

  • 5
    Just recieved my pink size #10 German Pacifier . Finally I got what I have wanted like forever . This Pacifier is totally Fantastic . Its 2 1/4 inches long and 1 3/4 inch at its widest part . Its a mouthful thats for sure but will definetely satisf

    Posted by Kendra on 2017 Jun 26th

    Thank you so much for the Girls at Rearz store for your help and advise . You were totally right on when you said this is a must have pacifier . Thank you sooooo much .