Inspire+ Incontrol Nighttime Briefs Bag

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Inspire+ Incontrol Bag
Inspire+ Incontrol Nighttime Briefs Bag

Inspire+ InControl Nighttime Diapers

12 Briefs


Where luxury and confidence meet.  Inspire+ InControl is suitable for any need without fear of compromising dignity.

The Inspire+ InControl is the ultimate solution for very heavy forms of incontinence.

This product was designed to ensure maximum nighttime performance.  It is very bulky, so please consider this when your main concern is discreetness.


Absorbency : 4864ml-5385ml

Small: Waist/hip 27" - 36" and measures 25" x 30." Capacity: ISO 4864g (ml)
Medium: Waist/hip 32" to 40" and measures 27" x 33." Capacity: ISO 4981g (ml)
Large: Waist/hip 36" to 50" and measures 31" x 37." ISO: 5361g (ml)
X-Large: Waist/hip 40" to 58" and measures 33" x 40." ISO: 5385g (ml)



What makes the Inspire+ outstanding: 

  • Designed for nighttime and extended use
  • Wetness indicator coming soon! 
  • Plain, smooth, white PE outer cover
  • Refastanable tape tabs
  • Tapezone on the front for easy refastening
  • Stretch elastic waistband in the front and in the back
  • High standing leg guards
  • Odor protection
  • Special Distribution Channel
  • Latex free

The perfect diaper for pilots, gamblers, truckers, gamers, surgeons, service technicians, astronauts

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    Inspiire Nitetime Briefs

    Posted by Mark White on 2017 Apr 15th

    Hi all, well this is my perspective on the Inspire Nitetime disposables. first thing that id like to say is that I am an abdl person, more dl than ab like and play around with both. i have used pharmacy diapers for years ie attends, depends, etc and I have never felt so confidently...well protected. I use my briefs for both bladder and bowel and have found them to be the most leak free diaper I have worn. I mean I use them for their intended purposes and walk, sit, and move without the slightest of worries about my leg gathers leaking or tapes becoming unfastened. I must say I do like the dirty side of diaper play and omg I have never been happier. Being a fetishest I love the crinkle and bulkiness, I have never felt so...well, disposable diapered I guess would say it, I mean depends and the like just don't even enter the same category. if you want a diaper that does exactly what an adult diaper should do, think about these.

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    Posted by Gus on 2017 Mar 10th

    These were a pleasant surprise. I have had a very hard time finding overnights that hold up through the night without leaking out the sides or flooding, but these have allowed me to consistently wake up to a dry bed. Highly recommended.

    As a side note, when I ordered these they notified me they were out of the plain whites, and instead offered me Safari prints. I agreed, but was unprepared just how "safari-ey" they were. I felt rather silly putting them on for the first time, but admittedly the silliness of the print and the lack of wetness indicator made it feel a bit less 'clinical', which I unexpectedly appreciated.

  • 5

    Posted by Nicholas on 2017 Jan 13th

    The security is incredible! This is the first diaper that I can really let it go and not worry about leaks at all! Thank-you so much Rearz!

  • 3

    Posted by Taylor on 2016 Oct 13th

    My waist is 34" so I got the medium. Didn't find that they fit right around it . A bit disappointed. Lots of absorbency though.

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    Posted by ALAIN on 2016 Jan 4th

    It's a good diaper, very absorbant and thick. The only turn off for me is the outside plastic who is not like the spoiled baby feet or the Safari. This diaper is not noisy at all compare to the spoiled baby feet. I surely prefer the Safari, the Inspire and the spoiled baby feet.

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    Posted by Jim on 2015 Aug 31st

    These are good diaper. They are better than the RearZ Inspires