Inspire+ Incontrol Nighttime Briefs

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Inspire+ Incontrol

Inspire+ InControl Nighttime Diapers

12 Briefs per pack, 3 packs per case (36 briefs)


Where luxury and confidence meet.  Inspire+ InControl is suitable for any need without fear of compromising dignity.

The Inspire+ InControl is the ultimate solution for very heavy forms of incontinence.

This product was designed to ensure maximum nighttime performance.  It is very bulky, so please consider this when your main concern is discreetness.


Size Fit ISO
Size 8/Small: 25" x 30" 27" to 36" 4864g
Size 9/Medium: 27" x 33" 32" to 40" 4981g
Size 10/Large: 31" x 37" 36" to 50" 5361g
Size 11/X-Large: 33" x 40" 40" to 58" 5385g


What makes the Inspire+ outstanding: 

  • Designed for nighttime and extended use 
  • Plain, smooth, white PE outer cover
  • Refastanable tape tabs
  • Tapezone on the front for easy refastening
  • Stretch elastic waistband in the front and in the back
  • High standing leg guards
  • Odor protection
  • Special Distribution Channel
  • Latex free
  • Absorbency: 4864ml-5385ml



For Daytime use try the Inspire Original!

Also Available in All Black SeductionSafari animal print, and our Princess Pink print.


The perfect diaper for pilots, gamblers, truckers, gamers, surgeons, service technicians, astronauts

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  • 5
    Inspire+ in control diapers

    Posted by Jayson K. on 2018 Jan 23rd

    As a nearly constant user due to full incontinence, these are hands down the best Adult Diaper I have used. They are bulky, can be quite noisy but with proper clothing most never ever know. I would suggest diaper shirts to hold these juggernauts of Adult diapers where they belong, if you are upwardly mobile you will constantly be pulling them up, otherwise.
    My only complaint has too be the tapes, THEY never last and start popping off. Fixed with a roll of medical tape but still for the cost... maybe fix this 1 problem. Great product for NON AB or DL customers. The seduction diaper in all black is equally good and less recognizable as a diaper if someone gets a peek. Thank you Rearz for putting out a reasonably good product at a competitive price. I will recommend these to ALL incont. Individuals I know.

  • 4
    Great diaper

    Posted by Dale on 2018 Jan 22nd

    One of the best diapers I have ever worn. I have been in and out of diapers sense I was born till I turned 18 in 1997 when I started wearing them full time to this day. I have worn a lot of different brands and always like to try ones I have never worn but out of all I have worn this is the all around best. I do wish it was noiser but the rest is perfect.

  • 5
    Excellent product

    Posted by Dennis on 2018 Jan 19th

    This is an excellent diaper. I am incontinent due to prostate cancer and surgery. This diaper is comfortable and very absorbent. I wear cloth at night when at home, but this is my go to diaper when traveling.

  • 4

    Posted by G on 2018 Jan 12th

    Wow. Order came quick. I am wearing the diaper for 1st Time. Tapes are ok. Diaper feels good.

  • 5
    It's good to be a DL

    Posted by Nicholas on 2018 Jan 12th

    One year ago, I first tried these diapers. Today they still rock. Add a couple of boosters and you have a time machine back to the diaper days:) Thank-you Rearz

  • 4
    Inspire+ InControl

    Posted by Erin Dolon on 2018 Jan 7th

    Good, but not as thick as expected. And the fixations need some help when the diaper is really full.

  • 3
    Great for sleeping, but...

    Posted by Kluski on 2017 Dec 30th

    These diapers are great for sleeping, and I have had no leaks since buying them, however my only complaint is that they aren't as thick and comfortable as I expected

  • 5
    These are Amazing!

    Posted by Jean on 2017 Dec 20th

    I don't think I could recommend theses enough. They are nice and soft, surprising big and thick and hold like no-ones business. Spent almost 14 hours in a pair, used them frequently, slept, and in the end I still didn't feel like they were gonna leak even though I was wadding like a penguin. After all that time there was the light sent of pee but you almost couldn't tell. These are amazing.

  • 3
    Inspire diaper

    Posted by Ryan on 2017 Dec 12th

    I just receive my first case of inspire the first one i put on tape broke just doing it up not impressed but a little duct tape and comfy and thick wow awesome