Princess Pink Nighttime Briefs - 12

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Princess Pink Nighttime Briefs - 12

Princess Pink Briefs

In a pink world of princesses and magical unicorns all your dreams will come true.  

 Not only is it uber cute, it's super THICK and crazy absorbent!  

Featuring a wider and considerably thicker core than our footprint diapers.  This all pink plastic backed design has big strong tapes and a VERY soft inner.  All the necessary features for a fabulous diaper have been included: tall standing leak guards, elastic waistbands (front and Rearz), adorable print, thick plastic outer, reinforced frontal tape landing zone. Suitable for nighttime use and extended wear.


Princess P and her magical, unicorn are about to accompany you in making your dreams come true.  


 Size 8/ 

Size 9/Medium: 27" x 33", fits 32" to 40" (36 per case) 
Size 10/Large: 31" x 37", fits 36" to 50" (36 per case)



ISO aborbency: 4864ml-5385ml

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  • 5

    Posted by michael on 2016 Nov 27th

    I love, love, love the Rearz diapers. I wear them every night to bed. These ones are my favourite. They are just so cute. After buying a case with all the different prints the ones I found disappeared quickest were these. If you want a thick, crinkly, comfy, diaper I would recommend these. I can't wait until I need to make another diaper order

  • 5

    Posted by Sean on 2016 Sep 8th

    If you want a special treat, buy these! Functionally, they're the same as inspire+/safari/seduction , but the print of these is sure to make you (or your little!) look super cute! The inside is quilted white, the 'wings' are a hot shade of pink, and the plastic is self explanatory. Keep in mind you're paying for the colour here! If you just need a diaper, go after inspire +!

  • 5

    Posted by Dave on 2016 May 11th

    WOW. I couldn't believe how cute they are and omg so absorbent. My wife even says I look so adorable in them and so cute, lol just like our 3 year old daughter in her diapers. Thank you so much to Rearz for making us feel very cute with their diapers once again they're so awesome and so adorable to wear.

  • 5

    Posted by Alain on 2016 Mar 31st

    There is no words to describe the Princess Pink diapers but I'll try. They are marvelous, awesome, fantastic, super baby look, crinkly plastic backing, super wide in the crotch, super thick and highly absorbant.

    I really feel like a baby when I wear them.

    I recieved my boxes today and I am so satisfied and excited to wear them.

    Congradulations a thousand times Rearz for that incredible diaper. The ABDL community can never thank you enough for all the diapers you offer.

    A special thanks to Laurie who keeps the Adult Baby happy and well diapered.