Protective Vinyl Skirt

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EX1300 Skirt
Protective Vinyl Skirt

Made in 100% vinyl (PVC) for hygienic protection with heavy incontinence, for patients who cannot use regular incontinence pants due to irritated skin on the upper legs. 

These skirts are 26" (66 cm long) and this means that they usually reach just below the knee. 

Many wear it over diapers around the house or on hot summer nights and some even outside (under clothing). 


Small fits the waists of 28" to 34" (71cm - 89 cm), hips up to 40" (102 cm). 
Medium fits the waists of 32" to 44" (82 cm - 112 cm), hips up to 45" (115 cm). 
Large size for waists 36" to 52" (92 cm to 132 cm), hips up to 60" (152 cm).