Rubber Summer Dress

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EX6390 rubber dress
These are made to order and take 2-5 business days to ship.
Rubber Summer Dress

 #EX6390 Protective Rubber Dress:   

MADE TO ORDER, please allow 5-10 days for us to prepare your garment before shipping

This garment made in 100% rubber for hygienic protection, with heavy incontinence, for patients who cannot use regular incontinence pants due to irritated skin  on the upper legs. 

These are the same fit as the skirts which fall about 26" (66 cm long) from the waist down and this means that they usually reach, just below the knee. They have wide elastic at the waist.  The rubber material is rather heavy and is not recommended for weak patients such as those with multiple sclerosis. 

The elastic at the top is placed about 1" from the top edge to allow for a nice ruffled effect at the top.

Many wear it around the house and some even in their country backyard when the neighbors could not possibly see, at a distance, that the material is rubber. 





Sizes:  "Small size" fits the waists of 28" to 34" (71cm - 89 cm), hips up to 40" (102 cm). 
"Medium size" fits the waists of 32" to 44" (82 cm - 112 cm), hips up to 45" (115 cm). 
"Large size" for waists 36" to 52" (92 cm to 132 cm), hips up to 60" (152 cm). 


We can shorten the length as desired, please just leave us a note as to the length when you order if you require shortening.