Safari Nighttime Briefs - Bag

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Safari Nighttime Briefs - Bag

Safari Nighttime Briefs

It's a JUNGLE out there, so be prepared with Safari.

 Not only is it cute, it's super THICK and crazy absorbent!  

Featuring a wider and considerably thicker core than our footprint diapers.  This all plastic backed design has big strong tapes and a soft inner.  All the necessary features for a fabulous diaper have been included: tall standing leak guards, elastic waistbands (front and Rearz), adorable print, thick plastic outer, reinforced frontal tape landing zone. Suitable for nighttime use and extended wear.


Our fun filled characters are just the beginning of this treat. Meet Griffin the lion, Zack the zebra, Marty the giraffe, Lilly the hippo, Alex the monkey and Johnny the parrot.   



 Size 8/Small: 25" x 30", fits 27" - 36" (12 per bag)  ISO: 4864ml

Size 9/Medium: 27" x 33", fits 32" to 40" (12 per bag) ISO: 4981ml  
Size 10/Large: 31" x 37", fits 36" to 50" (12 per bag) ISO: 5361ml
Size 11/X-Large:  33" x 40" wide, fits 40" to 58" (10 per bag) ISO: 5385ml
Abena M4 vs Rearz M Safari
A quick comparison shot of a medium safari vs. medium Abena M4

Try Safari today in one of our feature fragrances!

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  • 5

    Posted by James on 2016 Sep 15th

    Ive absolutely LOVED Rearz Safari since the moment I put it on!! 5/5 best ive ever worn! My only complaint would be the lack of wetness indicators

  • 5

    Posted by joe on 2016 May 29th

    so just had my first full night in my new safari diapers and OMG i am in love with them.... they are so comfortable and they kept my sheets dry all night through the multiple wettings that i had through the night overall they are amazing......

  • 5

    Posted by joe on 2016 May 24th

    I just recieved and put on my first safari and I am in love with how much padding is in it and also love the prints.... will def be buying again

  • 5

    Posted by Benjamin on 2016 May 18th

    These are amazing. I always make sure I stock up on them.

  • 5

    Posted by Michael on 2016 May 9th

    Just got my Rearz order this weekend and I am convinced that these diapers WILL spoil you! Without a doubt the ultimate diaper.

  • 4

    Posted by Dale on 2016 Mar 24th

    Just got my first sample of the safari. Put one on right away been wearing it for 10 hours now with out any problems. I do wish they were a little longer but all in all I am happy with them.

  • 5

    Posted by nicholas on 2016 Mar 20th

    OMG!!! This diaper has everything I ever wanted in a diaper. This diaper is super thick and very colorful and makes you feel like a complete baby. This diaper holds a ton and never leaked in any position. I was so thrilled by this diaper I decided to order a case 2 days later as I never wanted to run out. Usually after I had my fun in my diapers I want to take them off and forget about being a diaper lover. But with this diaper it changed everything, I want to wear them forever and never be taken out of them. It has completely made me regress. I love them and also my gf loves me in them as well as I'm more docile and more loving and needing of her. So in the long run they have made me happy and her happy and that alone makes these diapers totally worth it to me.

  • 5

    Posted by Brian on 2016 Feb 10th

    I ordered a bag the print is cute I prefer crinklz print tho as for as comfort and absorbency these are by far the best. I have tried every brand out there and nothing compares

  • 5

    Posted by Lucas on 2016 Jan 2nd

    I ordered a sample of this diaper and was so impressed that I had to order more. You guys truly are the "industry leader" when it comes to diapers. It feels so soft like sitting on a cloud and does an amazing job at keeping me dry. I really like the PE back covering as well as having 2 tapes per side. Prior to ordering the sample I had never heard of your company before, but because I am so impressed with the quality of them you will be getting my business from now on, worth every penny. No diaper company in the US even comes close to your products from CA, 5 Stars.