Safari Nighttime Briefs

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Safari Nighttime Briefs

Safari Nighttime Briefs

It's a JUNGLE out there, so be prepared with Safari.

 Not only is it cute, it's super THICK and crazy absorbent!  

Featuring a wider and significantly thicker core than other diapers, safari is a dream come true.  This all plastic backed design has big strong tapes and a soft inner.  All the necessary features for a fabulous diaper have been included: tall standing leak guards, elastic waistbands (front and Rearz), adorable print, thick plastic outer, reinforced frontal tape landing zone. Suitable for nighttime use and extended wear.

Our fun filled characters are just the beginning of this treat. Meet Griffin the lion, Zack the zebra, Marty the giraffe, Lilly the hippo, Alex the monkey and Johnny the parrot.   

Try Safari today with one of our favourite fragrances.


 Size 8/Small: 25" x 30", fits 27" - 36"   ISO: 4864ml

Size 9/Medium: 27" x 33", fits 32" to 40"  ISO: 4981ml  
Size 10/Large: 31" x 37", fits 36" to 50"  ISO: 5361ml
Size 11/X-Large:  33" x 40" wide, fits 40" to 58"  ISO: 5385ml
A quick comparison shot of a medium safari vs. medium Abena M4

Try Safari today with one of our fragrance strips.

12 per pack, 36 per case

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    Inspire, safari and seduction

    Posted by michael james on 2017 Aug 15th

    I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with the Mighty Diapers by Rearz. First off I have stress incontinence and it is really not that bad I have managed ok with Abena and Molicare but it was still a ordeal like when I had and accident I would get irritated until I could change cause I knew I was wet but when i tried the Inspire + this Mighty diaper was like a vacuum pulling the moisture away from my skin and I went the better part of the work day with out changing with a few additional accidents before I noticed "i should probable get out of this thing!" So, first of, only one diaper needed at work not the two or three Molicares . Then there was this unexpected side affect: when i first tried on the Seduction black (I love black) I became quite relaxed and had to actually lie down for a bit as the comfort of this diaper really began to sooth my nerves, who would have thought what a difference a diaper makes? I was a foster child growing up and spent my childhood with out any family and I have been in therapy for quite some time. I began to discuss these feelings with my therapist and she encouraged me to express my feelings in this fashion, she calls it "regression therapy" which she herself has said could have real benefits address early childhood trauma and thus far it has! We have been making a lot of progress and for that I have extremely to Rearz for bringing this Mighty diaper to the market. In addition there is a spokesperson for Rearz on youtube and you can tell after listening to her talk about incontinence you can tell they are true professionals that have done their research. Thank you Rearz!

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    Safari Overnight Diapers

    Posted by IminPampers on 2017 Aug 2nd

    I've been wearing diapers for pretty much my entire life and I can say that I love these diapers. The characters are super cute, the absorption level is outstanding and they swell up so nicely when you pee in them it makes me feel so good to wet myself I can barely wait to do it again, and again and I do until they can't take anymore and streams of pee are running down my legs.

    There are only 2 things I can find wrong with these diapers and they are: 1) cost. The cost of these diapers is so prohibitive that I can only afford to buy them as a special treat instead of wearing them all the time. 2) The plastic backing needs to be thicker or at least more stretch resistant. Usually by the time I've wet them twice they've stretched to the point that if I wasnt wearing a onesie to hold them in place, they'd fall right off. That being said if you're looking for a great diaper that can hold multiple wettings then try wetting a Safari diaper...I am and I just did.

  • 5

    Posted by david on 2017 Jul 10th

    great diaper, cute print, super absorbent and great crinkle! would love a 2tape version of this

  • 5
    best and most reliable diaper

    Posted by Michael, A.K.A ilovezuma on 2017 Jun 14th

    This diaper is very absorbent and holds well for any number 2 this thing will hold the worst thing you can throw at it, an amazingly reliable diaper

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    Crinkliest thickest best diapers ever

    Posted by Alex on 2017 May 15th

    These diapers are so crinkly, soft, thick and cute I think they're my faboitite of all the rearz diapers I've tried. They fit very snug and they hold A LOT.

  • 5

    Posted by James on 2016 Sep 15th

    Ive absolutely LOVED Rearz Safari since the moment I put it on!! 5/5 best ive ever worn! My only complaint would be the lack of wetness indicators

  • 5

    Posted by joe on 2016 May 29th

    so just had my first full night in my new safari diapers and OMG i am in love with them.... they are so comfortable and they kept my sheets dry all night through the multiple wettings that i had through the night overall they are amazing......

  • 5

    Posted by joe on 2016 May 24th

    I just recieved and put on my first safari and I am in love with how much padding is in it and also love the prints.... will def be buying again

  • 5

    Posted by Benjamin on 2016 May 18th

    These are amazing. I always make sure I stock up on them.