Susan Plastic Pants High Waist

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163 Susan pant
Susan Plastic Pants High Waist

 SUSAN PANTS: HAVE RELATIVELY MORE NARROW  LEG OPENING THAN CHRISTIE  PANTS. RECOMMENDED FOR PERSONS WITH NARROW UPPER THIGHS.  In general, Susan pants are better suited for men and the Christie pants are better suited for ladies. 

Relatively comfortable, durable, and non-rustling pants. Made in a smooth soft vinyl (PVC) of high quality, cut 3" higher than the standard susan pant.

Made with soft, reliable, and comfortable lingerie style elastics at waist and legs. A wide crotch, about 8.5" (21cm) for the small size and about 10" (25cm) for the extra-large size, for absorbent pads. If used over diapers rather than small pads, measure the hip size over diaper. The Susan pants have more narrow leg openings than Christy pants. Not suitable for persons with large upper thighs. 

Sizes: small (S) for waist 27" to 34" (68cm-84cm), hips up to 36 (92cm). Medium (M) for waist 30" to 40" (76cm-102cm), hips up to 38" (98cm). Large (L) for waist 36" to 46" (91cm-116cm), hips to 48" (120cm). Extra-large (XL) for waist 43" to 54" (109cm-137cm), hips to 59" (145cm). Extra-extra-large (XXL) for waist 51"-63" (128cm-160cm), hips up to 64" 

Delay: In general, the pants can be dispatched within 7 days, except when there are unusually many incoming orders: normally, these printed Susan garments are manufactured by us only when the orders are coming in and their manufacturing process takes some time.