Abena Abri-Form Original X-Plus Night

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Original Style Abena with PE backing

Abena Abri-Form briefs are among the best adult diapers in the world. They feature soft standing leak guards, four refastenable tapes, for a sure fit. They offer incredible absorbency. Just one X-Plus brief offers up to four times the absorbency of a typical drugstore-brand product. These are the original plastic-backed version. 

These take advantage of long super absorbent cellulose fibres, a unique fibre separation technique, and an additional core in the centre provides for a maximum absorption, strength and dispersion of liquids.

A feel dry top acquisition layer and special channels assist this process, which increases dryness and comfort. 


Soft highly repellent and reliable leakage barriers extending right to the edge with a built in cross barrier at the rear provides unrivalled leakage protection in all situations. Features a wetness indicator to aid caregivers.

Size M4 Medium
L4 Large
Waist Sizing

(28" - 40")

Blue stripes

(39" - 59")

Green stripes

Per Bag 14 12
Capacity (ISO) 3600ml 4000ml


Case packs of these are 3 bags.


Abena is a world famous brand of incontinence products because of the high quality, super absorbancy and extremely high thread count per inch which makes them so comfortable. 

Abena health care products are made in Denmark and feature a high attention to detail