Adult Onesie with Zippers - Bodystocking

US$70.26 - US$73.31

Bodystocking with zipper and legs and arms


 Fitting – an important part of security

This garment has been developed in close co-operation with end users, care staff and our own nurse specialists.

Normal underwear is not ideal as a fitting product, since there needs to be room for the absorbent product to fit inside, securely and comfortably. Needs and requirements for a certain quality and price mix can vary greatly, depending on whether the products are for short term or longer term users, or whether the products are for institutional or private use.

* Made for covering different needs and user situations

* Provides security, comfort and is breathable and flexible

* Can be VERY helpful in cases where faecal smearing is an issue

Products specially designed for optimum diaper and pad fixation and comfort Abri-Fix products offer comfort, security and user dignity. 

 To get a little better look at this garment you can check it out on YouTube

Sizing: (these are the waist/hip measurements)

Small: 80 cm – 105 cm, 31-41"

Medium: 85 cm – 110 cm, 33-43"

Large: 90 cm – 115 cm, 35-45"

XL: 95 cm – 120 cm, 37-47"

XXL: 100 cm – 125 cm, 39-49"