Adult Orthodontic Latex Pacifier - Size 8

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Large Modified Size 8 Orthodontic Latex Nipple with a Size 6 Guard

The teat is larger than most other pacifiers in our catalog. 

VERY hard to find and sought after!

Latex teats are made from soft, natural rubber. Latex teats are more flexible than silicone. It has a more natural feel that mimics a breast.

Teat measures 62x37mm*. This shape is similar to the Nuk brand baby pacifiers, but larger for adult use.

  Care for Healthy Pacifier Usage: 

  • Prior to first use, wash in warm soapy water
  • Pacifier can be taken apart for cleaning
  • Pacifiers should be replaced approximately every three months
  • Store away from sunlight, moisture and oils

Disclaimer: Do not bite the pacifiers nipple. If you notice cracks, holes or stickiness, replace immediately

*Each teat is handmade and may vary slightly, measurements are an average.


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    Great binky, just way too big for me.

    Posted by Murky D on 2021 Aug 28th

    This was my first latex binky, and wow it's soft. It's so malleable I can push the tip in with my tongue with ease. There's also a little nub at the very tip that feels a bit like a nipple, which is a nice touch. But for me personally, it's just way too big for my mouth to really relax with. If I'm awake, active, and want to suck on a binky, then this is perfect. But if I'm trying to go to sleep, this thing forces my jaw open to such an angle that it either sits uncomfortably far back in the throat, or makes me clench my jaw to keep it at a nice position. Again, great binky for active use, but for sleeping I'd probably want to switch to a size 5 or 6.