Angela PVC Bikini Briefs Clear - 10 Pack

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020-clear x10

10 Pairs of PVC pants.

Pant height falls below the naval.

This short vinyl pant has comfortable, reasonably wide elastics: these cloth elastics are against the skin.

The vinyl is very smooth and gentle to the touch
The crotch is reasonably wide.

The pant is particularly useful for those who definitely need diapers but require something more discreet or live in a hot climate (where full size vinyl pants may be too uncomfortable), or for those who need very small size pants to conceal under short sport clothing or certain professional uniforms. 
This is an exceptionally good product.

Small for waist 25" to 38" (63cm to 97cm), hips to 37" (94cm)
Medium for waist 29" to 44" (74cm to 112cm), hips to 43" (109cm)
Largefor waist 35" to 49" (89cm to 125cm), hips to 48" 122cm).&nbsp

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