ANGELA Vinyl Pant - Baby Print

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This pant is made in a soft smooth vinyl (100% PVC) 

The elastics are standard and comfortable (the cloth elastics are against the skin). 

This is a relatively comfortable (due to the wide elastics), good, relatively durable, and yet inexpensive pant. 

We recommend it.   

As with all pants we sell, we recommend washing them first, before you use them the first time.  

Some of the white vinyl pants (a few in S and in M size) are less smooth but more sturdy, similar to the material on the original Gerber vinyl pants.   

   Approximate sizes (please measure over diapers or pads): 

Size Waist Hip
Small 26" to 38" (66cm-97cm) hips to 39" (99cm)
Medium 30" to 43" (77cm-110cm) hips to 43" (110cm)
Large 36" to 49" (92cm-125cm) hips to 49" (125cm)
XL 42" - 58" (108cm-148cm hips to 59" (150cm