Baby Fragrance 59ml - Assorted

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Brighten up your life with these fabulous fragrances that will take you back, way back.

Baby Clean: Taking baby powder to another level.  This fabulous fragrance has top notes of granny smith, lemon, a faint hint of mint, rounded out with wildflower, violets & honeysuckle.  Deep breaths of a new born baby smell. We think it smells very much like the yellow Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo.

Baby Powder:  In short, this reminds us of Johnson's Baby powder fragrance. 

Fabulous Baby Powder:  This powdery base has bright citrus notes that envelope an innocent soft floral scent.  Notes of lilac, jasmine, rose, and lily balance with hints of spice and sandalwood.  A staff favourite, this is a powder with lots of extra baby notes. 

Graceful Newborn: This is a very poplular girly baby fragrance.  Full of fresh female notes of mimosa flowers, poppy, pepper, white woods, fresh greenery, and musk. Also a favourite among our staff. 

Feel Great and Smell Great!

These are made with pure concentrated essential oils and should be CAREFULLY and PROPERLY diluted for use, especially for topical applications. For use on linens, please test a small hidden area to ensure compatibility.

Handling: Wash hands immediately after handling and do not touch eyes or mouth. Dilute 1-5 drops into a 500ml bottle of lotion, soap or other item. NOTE: Essential oils cannot be diluted in water alone. These need to be diluted with proper methods before use.