Bambino Classico Diapers V2

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 Bambino Classico Diaper V2

8 briefs per pack, 6 packs per case(48 briefs)

The Original ABDL diaper is now remastered! After listening to community feedback over the years and considering the Classico was released back in 2006, we thought it was time for an upgrade. The new Classico V2 features an all over, playful baby block print and increased absorbency compared to the the original!

The Classico V2 diapers feature over the top absorbency performance, with more super absorbent polymers (SAP) than any other comparable diaper produced anywhere in the world today. The performance comes from its double-drum form core and more polyacrelates (SAP) than any other diaper for its size.

Medium Fits waists 32 to 44 inches - 3548ml Capacity

Large Fits Waists 38 to 50 inches

  • All over, playful baby block print
  • Extra-wide Refastenable double taping system for maximum hold
  • Increased absorbency over original Classico
  • Foam Stretch Waist in the Front and Back ensures a snug fit
  • Standing Leg Cuffs and extra-absorbent wings in the front and back of diaper ensure maximum containment
  • Extra set of multi-strand leg gathers for full containment
  • Extra wide one and a quarter inch tape tabs (4 per diaper): refastenable up to 4-7 times
  • No wetness indicator

Bambino Classico diapers have both a set of inner standing leg cuffs (gathers) as well as multi-stranded outer lycra-stretch gathers to comfortably seal the diaper to the users thighs to help insure a snug comfortable fit. The inner leg cuffs help contain the urine inside the diaper while directing the fluid back into the core. LATEX FREE!

The Bambino Classico diaper is the only adult baby diaper with a soft foam stretch waist both in front and in back of the diaper. The foam stretch waist material is superior to other current adult diapers that uses heat-shrunk plastic to achieve some minimal stretch in the back.