Bambino Teddy Diapers V2

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Bambino Teddy V2


8 briefs per pack, 6 packs per case(48 briefs)


One of your favorite ABDL diapers just got upgraded! The new Teddy V2 sports a super cute, all over teddy bear print and comes loaded with increased absorbency compared to the original! Watch out, cuteness overload!!

The Teddy Bambino

  • All over, super cute teddy bear print
  • Increased absorbency over original Teddy
  • Inner Standing Leg Cuffs (gathers)
  • Extra absorbent double drum foam core with a little more SAP added to the front drum for the back of the new Teddy Diaper
  • Extra super absorbent polymers (SAP)
  • Extra soft foam stretch waste (front and back)
  • Extra set of multi/strand leg gathers for full containment
  • Extra Extra all day, all night performance
  • Always discretely packaged
  • NO wetness indicator


Medium 31-42" - 3548 ml Absorbency

Large 42-60" -  3992ml Absorbency

Designed to be playful yet functional, we made this incredible adult baby diaper even more absorbent than the leading brands of adult diapers. We know you'll love how absorbent it is and how the front will swell just like a baby diaper when it becomes wet! These diapers are heavy too! We've tried to make this product the best ABDL diaper available on the market today. Please try it and tell us what you think.

Bag: 8 diapers

Case: 48 diapers