All About Booster Pads...

2017 Nov 8th

Boosters, what are they and why do you need them...

Booster pads are made to help extend the life of disposable diapers and help extend the use of cloth diapers. There are many different style of booster pads lets dive into each of them to learn a little more of their best uses.

Regular - Rectangular Pads - No plastic back

Starting with the regular booster pads which include the Incontrol, ID Expert and Abri-let Maxi all these booster pads are used inside of diapers to provide extra absorbency or padding. All these pads hold a capacity of 1300ml and are 24"x6" (Incontrol is shorter by 2").

Plastic Back Booster Pads - These Booster pads, are not meant to be worn inside of a diaper but rather can be worn in regular underwear for protection against light incontinence, these pads have a lower capacity at around 458ml and are often paired with an adhesive back.

Adhesive based Booster Pads -

These boosters have an extra layer of taping to help stick to the inner padding of a pair of briefs, or even to a regular pair of underwear. These are perfect for daytime use as it helps keep the booster in place while being active. These boosters are aimed at daytime use and have a lower level of absorbency then the regular booster pads with an absorbency of under 500ml.

Contour Shaped Pads - These pads are produced with a wider design to help reduce the chance of leakage and numbers of changes required per day. The hour glass shape is designed to be comfortable and contain both fecal and urinary incontinence.

Scented Booster Pads - The Incontrol Booster pads are a scented booster pad with an incredible absorbency of 1300ml, to combo with their great absorbency they are scented to smell like baby powder to help control odor and provide a pleasant smell for the wearer.

Baby powder scent-

Cloth Boosters/Inserts - These are washable cloth diaper liners that can be added to cloth diapers to increase absorbency and can help to reduce stains in diapers. These inserts/boosters can be machine-dried on medium or hung to dry.

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