Top 6 Best Incontinence products of 2020!

Posted by Kevin Pepper on 2020 Feb 28th

Top 6 Best Incontinence products of 2020!

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night, depending on when you’re reading this week’s blog entry.

Today I want to talk about the Top 6 Best Incontinence products of 2020 and how they can help make your life easier.

InControl Elite Hybrid Brief

At the top of our list we have our newest and most innovative product to hit the market this year. It is the InControl Elite Hybrid Brief.

I picked this product for number one because it has so many new and exciting features and is also extremely versatile. One of the new features is the hook and loop tapes that make adjustments easy anytime or place. Another cool feature of the InControl Elite Hybrid Brief is its fastening guide landing zone, which helps you to get the tapes in the right spot each and every time. It also has a super absorbent core which makes it thin enough for day time wear and also absorbent enough for night time use. You cannot go wrong with the new InControl Elite Hybrid Brief.

As a caregiver I found the fastening guide and tapes to be extremely helpful. I have been able to get a perfect fit every time when having to change people of all shapes and sizes. I also love how soft this product is. That is why I keep this product in the number one spot.

Omutsu Bulky Fitted Diaper

For the second item on our list I chose the Omutsu Bulky Fitted Diaper. This cloth diaper is my number 2 because of its superior absorbency capabilities. The Omutsu Bulky Fitted Diaper is absorbent all the way around. So, if you are a side or stomach sleeper, you don’t need to worry about leaks because you are wrapped in absorbency. The Omutsu Bulky Fitted Diaper also has hook and loop fasteners and laundering tabs. This makes them simple to wear and simple to wash. The Omutsu Bulky Fitted Diaper also pairs really well with number 5 on this list, the Silence Pant Waterproof Diaper Cover, as you will need a waterproof diaper cover with this product.

As a side sleeper myself I use to wear a cloth diaper over my disposable to help absorb leaks. Now that I use the Omutsu Bulky Fitted Diaper it is the only one I need because it absorbs up to 6 cups of fluid and absorbs all over. It’s a great way for me to save some money which is just one more reason the Omutsu Bulky Fitted Diaper made it to number 2 on this list.

InControl Inspire Original Incontinence Briefs

The third product to watch is the InControl Inspire Original Incontinence Brief. This product was chosen for number 3 because of its strength and versatility.

The InControl Inspire Original Incontinence Brief has a really strong outer shell, so it resists stretching and tearing. It is extremely soft inside and out. Plus, the new core is designed to absorb quickly and retain close to 20 cups of fluid even under pressure. This means you can usually wear the InControl Inspire Original Incontinence Brief for 8 – 12 hours. Also, the InControl Inspire Original Incontinence Brief has a reinforced front panel with extra strong refastenable tapes. You get all of this extra strength, softness and absorbency for a great price and because you can wear this longer, you use fewer products per day, saving money all the way around.

I, personally, like the strong tapes and thick absorbing core. However, what makes these one of my favorites is how super soft and gentle they are against your skin. The addition of the wetness indicator makes it so much easier to know when a person needs changing, which is why I find these diapers good for just about every occasion. Yet another reason the InControl Inspire Original Incontinence Brief is number 3 on this list.

Super Snap Fitted Diaper

Number 4 on this list is the Super Snap Fitted Diaper. I chose this cloth diaper as the fourth product because of its durability and sizing options.

The Super Snap Fitted Diapers are each hand sewn with a discrete snap on design and elastic at the waist to give you pull-on options. They are also made from heavy duty twill which is double woven for durability. These diapers will stand up to years of washing and are still soft and comfortable. Plus, the Super Snap Fitted Diaper is made with absolutely no harmful chemicals and let’s not forget that these are machine washable and can go into the dryer on a low heat setting. The other really great thing about the Super Snap Fitted Diaper is that it comes in 3 sizes, each covering a remarkably wide range. This means most people will actually fit 2 sizes, allowing for day and night time options.

Silence Pant Waterproof Diaper Cover

For number 5 I chose the Silence Pant Waterproof Diaper Cover, because waterproof diaper covers are essential and these ones have so many benefits. First the Silence Pant Waterproof Diaper Cover is made in Canada with Canadian materials. They are 100% PUL with breathable cloth like fabric and lingerie style elastics. These features make the Silence Pant Waterproof Diaper Cover strong, reliable and great for all seasons. In addition to the original style, the Silence Pant Waterproof Diaper Cover comes in a low rise style as well.

The Silence Pant Waterproof Diaper Cover is a necessary edition if you wear cloth diapers, such as the Omutsu Bulky Fitted Diaper and the Super Snap Fitted Diaper, but even if you use disposable briefs, like the InControl Elite Brief or the InControl Inspire Original Incontinence Brief, I recommend them for several reasons. They are great for protection from leaks both at night and in public. Also, they are quiet and cover up any plastic noise a disposable brief may make. My favorite things about the Silence Pants however, are that they’re so comfortable to wear and easily machine washed and dried. Which is why, the Silence Pant is number 5.

 InControl Booster Pads

Last but definitely not least, the InControl Booster Pads. These boosters had to make my list because having a good booster pad can really make a difference and the InControl Booster Pads are a great way to increase the total capacity of any briefs. The InControl Booster Pads have a 1300ml Capacity with a flow through design. They measure 22” long and 5” wide. So, they fit perfectly inside most brands and sizes. This includes tab style briefs, pull on briefs, pocket diapers and more. The adhesive strip keeps it from moving around and there is a lightly scented option to help manage odours. Truly, I like these boosters because of the fit and the softness. With the addition of the adhesive strip, these boosters do fit nicely inside of anything and I feel comfortable and confident when I use them. Which is why, I had to add them to this list.

Thank you for taking time to check out this blog. I hope you find this information helpful when dealing with your own incontinence issues. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our staff at