Bulk Unbleached Cotton Baby Prefolds

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 Unbleached Bulk Diapers

Newborn 9.5*13"  2-6-2  - 200  per case  often natural or light purple stitching
Small 11x14" 4-6-4 or 4-8-4 Small 
Infant Short 12*13" 4-8-4  usually purple stitching
 Infant 12*16" 4-8-4  - usually blue or natural stitching
Medium 14*18" 4-8-4 usually rainbow stitching
Toddler 16.5*20" - usually brown stitching
Large 17*20  4-8-4 - usually yellow stitching
These bulk prefolds are made from the same materials as all the Rearz better than orgainc prefolds.  They are without tags or additional packaging.  They are also not inspected for minor flaws.  Anything with a major flaw is not included.
These are packaged by weight, so the case count for example of 200 may be +/- 2% 
Some of the prefolds may have minor imperfections including
- slightly off size
- different than usual coloured stitching
- small smudge marks
- a small spot of uneven stitching
- mild fabric irregularities
These are all things that are not noticeable after the prefolds are washed the first time.
These items are non-returnable.
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