Classico "Baby" Diapers

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1 Bag contains 8 diapers , 1 case contains 48 diapers

  • Machine-Printed Frontal Panel with playful Adult Baby Pattern
  • Extra-wide Refastenable double taping system for maximum hold
  • All White plastic backing with NO wetness indicator
  • Foam Stretch Waist in the Front and Back ensures a snug fit
  • Standing Leg Cuffs and extra-absorbent wings in the front and back of diaper ensure maximum containment
  • Extra set of multi-strand leg gathers for full containment
  • Extra wide one and a quarter inch tape tabs (4 per diaper): refastenable up to 4-7 times
  • No wetness indicator

We've designed this all plastic adult baby diaper specifically for you with more of the best features of your favorite adult diapers and a machine applied playful AB/DL designed and reinforced, printed frontal panel.

The Classico diapers feature over the top absorbency performance, with more super absorbent polymers (SAP) than any other comparable diaper produced anywhere in the world today. The performance comes from its double-drum form core and more polyacrelates (SAP) than any other diaper for its size.

Bambino Classico diapers have both a set of inner standing leg cuffs (gathers) as well as multi-stranded outer lycra-stretch gathers to comfortably seal the diaper to the users thighs to help insure a snug comfortable fit. The inner leg cuffs help contain the urine inside the diaper while directing the fluid back into the core. LATEX FREE!

The Bambino Classico diaper is the only adult baby diaper with a soft foam stretch waist both in front and in back of the diaper. The foam stretch waist material is superior to other current adult diapers that uses heat-shrunk plastic to achieve some minimal stretch in the back.

The Bambino Classico diaper comes with a playful machine printed frontal panel made from extra think plastic that not only strengthens the diaper but helps ensure many refasten-able cycles (the refasten-able front panel should last for 4-7 cycles without tearing the diaper or pulling loose unless some oil or powder gets on the front panel or the adhesive tape tabs).


Medium Fits waists 32 to 44 inches - 3548ml Capacity

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  • 3
    Tapes do not hold well.

    Posted by Aaron on 2018 May 9th

    Great feeling diaper but tape tend to not hold well.

  • 4
    Another great diaper

    Posted by Anthony Vaughn on 2018 Mar 10th

    Awesome diaper, can you,please make the print all over!? =)

  • 5
    Cute and playful

    Posted by Tony on 2017 Oct 21st

    These were the first adult baby type diapers I ever tried and I fell in love with them cut playful and a constant reminder while wearing that I can be nothing more than a big baby girl

  • 4
    Very babyish

    Posted by Jean on 2017 Aug 18th

    I still purchase these, almost my first brand ! Thank''s so much Rearz for distributing Bambino's!!

  • 5

    Posted by Meshia on 2017 Aug 9th

    This is my fav actually. Not that I've tried them all. But I have tried quite a number. The tapes hold well and it's great for daytime use. It's super cut on pretty much everyone. They hold enough that you can wear one most of the day.

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