Contour Waterproof Pads - 2

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The perfect, slip proof contour pad.

Great solution for light to medium incontinence or medium to heavy menstrual needs.

Overall a very healthy and economical choice for your needs.
Two per package.
This product is trim and comfortable in both the summer and winter months.
Unlike most disposable pads, Rearz do not contain any questionable chemicals.  Many products contain dioxin, chlorine and super absorbent polymer gels. 
6 thirsty layers of cotton backed by a Waterproof polyester backing.
Measures 4"x12"
Use: The natural cream coloured cotton side should face up and the white polyester side should face down. Place inside underwear or breifs and relax.
Prepare for use by washing in hot water and vinegar or detergent 4-6 times before first use. This is ESSENTIAL for the product to work properly. There are natural waxes in unbleached cotton that need to be stripped out before the product will absorb properly. When the product is ready for use, it should absorb water readily.
Care: Can be washed by hand or by machine. A cold presoak or rinse is ideal. Wash in cold or warm water and dry on medium heat. DO NOT use bleach or fabric softeners on this high end product. Sunning is an excellent alternative to remove stains.
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