Crystal Clear High Gloss Waterproof Pant

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This High Gloss pant is softer, shinier and stretchier than standard PVC pants. Delightfully smooth and silky soft.

These pants have a vintage rustle to them that is loved by many.

The super smooth Polyurethane (TPU) lines the pant inside and out. The printed fabric is sandwiched between 2 layers of this fabulous waterproof fabric.


Order the size where you fall closest to the center of the listed range. Sizes listed are the pant measurements when relaxed and stretched.

Size Waist Leg
Small 54-91cm (21"-35") 32-48cm (12.5"-18.5")
Medium 56-100cm (22"-39") 34-56cm (13"-22")
Large 62-116cm (24"-45") 36-64cm (14"-25")
X-Large 66-126cm ( 26"-49") 37-72cm (14.5"-28")
XXL 72-138cm (28"-54") 40-73cm (15.5"-28.5")


Hand wash, cold water. Towel or hang to dry.

Made in China


For instructions on how to properly wash and care for reusable products, please refer to this page.

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  • 4
    Crystal Clear Pant

    Posted by David Lindsay on 2021 Mar 18th

    I ordered this in the large size which is necessary if you want to fit over cloth diapers. The elastic at the waist and leg is quite snug. Nice and crinkly, but a little too shiny.

  • 3

    Posted by john smith on 2021 Feb 3rd

    around the legs was too tight. Im sure its a body type issue. The feel of the plastic is amazing though

  • 5
    Glass clear plastic panties

    Posted by WAYNE SOLDO on 2021 Jan 9th

    I am wearing these right now while I do this review. I like the two plastic pants together which seems to give Extra Protection. They do rustle under my clothes. I do like the fact they are glass clear cuz you can see the diapers straight through it. It's also nice to see the prints. of your diapers through the plastic pants. It's also nice cuz you can see when I have used the diaper cuz they clear pants don't hide anything. They are nice and smooth I feel good over the diaper.

  • 3
    Crotch to small

    Posted by Don Abrams on 2021 Jan 3rd

    This pant at 2xl should have a wider crotch, yet works for disposable diapers

  • 5
    Twoply waterproof pant

    Posted by Bobby on 2020 Oct 7th

    These water proof pants work well and are fabricated from a super smooth and soft twooly poly/plastic material. Go up one size to fit over diapers. I made the mistake the first time and had to reorder the correct size. The pants have an autoable rustle, but are not too loud over jeans. One drawback is water can permeate the twoply poly/plastic material in the wash, but doesn't effect functionality or leak out.

  • 5
    Two-ply plastic pants - super soft

    Posted by Bobby on 2020 Sep 5th

    This diaper cover is made from two separate pieces of ultra smooth plastic, a little loud, but stops blowouts from ruining your day. Very comfortable during all day wear over diapers. Tip go one size up if going over diapers.

  • 5
    Double sided pant with cloth inside

    Posted by don abrams on 2020 Jul 30th

    This pant is the softest that I've ever worn the only thing similar is euroflex from Gary

  • 3
    Double sided pant with cloth inside

    Posted by don abrams on 2020 Jul 30th

    Caveat emptor the pant leaks at the seams remedy cut one side the plastic off now you have a lined plastic pant which will dry

  • 3

    Posted by CEV2 on 2019 Dec 26th

    When I first got these I was happy. They are completely clear, a bit noisy, and they fit well. The pants are made of two layers of plastic which got water between them when washed with no easy way to drain the water out.