DiaperLife Organic Onesie - Blue

Was: US$22.62
Now: US$11.31

T-shirt Style Onesie in blue organic cotton

All with white ribbing at the neck, t-shirt style sleeves and snap crotch. Perfect to wear alone or as an undershirt.

Why pay more elsewhere for less?   Helps to smooth lines, keep diapers and pads in place without sagging or shifting. Feel secure and confident.   Please note these are 100% cotton and tend to shrink about 15% (one size) after washing and drying  

S - Length 29" Width 17"

M - Length 34" Width 19"

L- Length 38" Width 20"

XL- Length 40" Width 25"

XXL- Length 42" Width 25.5"

3XL- Length 42" Width 27.5"

Ethically made in Pakistan. Fair trade, fair wage, child labour free.

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