DSQ Posh Organic French Velour - Frog

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Organic Posh Frog
Fitted Diaper
This may possibly be the softest organic diaper you ever lay hands on!

This is a Certified Organic Diaper Service Quality Diaper, designed to stand up to extensive use.
  • Luxurious velour inside and out
  • The size 0 has a dip in the centre for the umbilical cord
  • 8 super trim layers of absorbency (5 in the size 0)
  • Easy to use snap closures with cross over snaps for a teeny fit on little ones
  • Easy care diaper service quality
  • Machine wash and dry - low lint
  • Requires a waterproof cover 
Size 0 fits 5-12 lbs or 0-3 months 
Size 1 fits 7-25 lbs or 0-9 months
Size 2 fits 10-35 lbs or 6-36 months 

Ethically crafted in Pakistan. Verified Child labour free, fair trade and fair wage by Green America.
This diaper is completely made of certified organic cotton.

Preparing for use: This diaper must be washed in hot water with detergent and dried 4-5 times before use to strip the natural waxes from the unbleached cotton.

below is the orginal size 0 detailing the dip and snaps.
Made of 100% certified organic cotton with certified organic dyes!

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    Posted by Megan hines on 2018 Jun 14th

    We started cloth diapering using pocket diapers. Soon that became not nearly enough for overnight so we purchase rearz smitten fitted diapers for overnight which were awesome we now own around 20 of them. Then I saw fitted diapers on rearz as seconds and I bought a bunch to use so he would feel more wet with potty training but I recently got them out because he started getting rashes from the fleece pocket diapers so now we use combination. We still use our pocket diapers with like one insert but we use a fitted diaper first to help with the rash and also it increases the absorbency so we have less leaks. I went to buy more seconds from rearz but found these on sale and I love the fit so much more! Since they are on sale they're not too expensive but I would prefer the white because the black doesn't let you peek in the diaper to see if there's anything there. It's my only complaint. Also I would recommend just purchasing the size 2, it is close to the size of the quote on quote one size diaper with a little more room but it has crossover snaps for little ones and it's a better investment to just buy the one size since they're supposed to fit from 10 lbs on up.

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    Posted by Charlenewe on 2017 Oct 20th

    We have used the size 0 and size 1 so far and these are by far our favourite fitted or any diaper for that matter. They fit our little guy great and are a great absorbency for daytime. The black colour is great because you can’t see any staining. The size 0 I highly recommend even though the size 1 could work for most babies. I just found the size 0 fit was great till our baby was 10 weeks old. He was born at 7lbs 13oz and at 10 weeks was approx 13lbs. The size 1 you would have to fold them and such if used from day one. The size 1 does fit him great now. This fitted and any cover are what I highly recommend to anyone considering doing cloth diapers. This fitted makes cloth diapers easy. Definitely the way to go!!

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