Easy Grip Bottle w/ Specialty Nipple


10 oz Bottle

Easy Grip Contour Shape

Holds 300ml

Long Silicone Specialty Nipple



Instructions for safe feeding: Before first use, place in boiling water for 5 minutes. Wash and sterilize. Always wash immediately after each use. Keep teat in a dry & covered container away from direct sunlight.
WARNING! Before each use, pull the teat in all directions. If there are any signs of damage or weakness, throw away immediately. Always check the temperature of the feed before [consuming contents]. Although not recommended, if you wish to warm the feed using a microwave oven, remove the disc, teat, cap, and cover before heating. Never heat a sealed bottle in a microwave oven. Feeding teats must not be used as soothers/pacifiers. Do not drop teat in sweet substances as this may lead to tooth decay and may also damage the teat. Tooth decay can occur even when  non-sweetened fluids are used. Avoid prolonged use, especially at night when saliva flow is reduced

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