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Felicity Cotton Terry Wipes - Bulk

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Bulk packed wipes for tops or bottoms

Terry Wipes

B-grade - may include irregularities in size, thread colour, stitching, colour, etc.

Dyed ones are typically pink/blue/green/yellow but may be a mix of other colours

Regular - 2 sided terry cloth (fabric with loops that can absorb large amounts of water)

Premium and Bamboo- 1 side terry cloth, 1 side soft velour

Cotton has many natural properties such as:
*soft and natural
*chemical free fibers
*environmentally friendly
*machine washable
*doesn't show stains easily

Can also be used as washcloths, dish cloths, rags, diaper inserts, diaper doublers....

Just throw in with your regular baby laundry (do not use bleach) They can easily be folded to fit in a diaper warmer or wipe tub. Cloth baby wipes are a great investment. They are reusable to save you money. With their nice generous size, these are great to take along everywhere you go! You can pre-wet them and put them in a zipper bag, or you can carry a little spray bottle of water with you. That way baby has a great soft and easy change, face clean-up, etc.

Measures approximately 15*15cm (6"x6"), unless otherwise noted.