Felicity French Velour DSQ Fitted Diaper

US$12.98 - US$19.09
French Velour

This may possibly be the softest diaper you ever lay hands on! Both economical and luxurious, this diaper features velour inside and out.

Designed to withstand the rigors of extensive use, including diapers services.

The size 0 has a dip in the centre for the umbilical cord
8 super trim layers of absorbency (5 in the size 0)
Easy to use snap closures with cross over snaps for a teeny fit on little ones
Easy care diaper service quality
Machine wash and dry - low lint

Requires a waterproof cover 

Size 0 fits 5-12 lbs or 0-3 months - blue stitching
Size 1 fits 7-25 lbs or 0-9 months - red stitching
Size 2 fits 10-35 lbs or 6-36 months - purple

2 per package.

Ethically crafted in Pakistan. Verified Child labour free, fair trade and fair wage by Green America.
This diaper is made from Better Than Organic cotton with a small % of polyester for longevity in commercial laundering. The small percent of polyester in the base weave of the diaper to provide extensive durability. 

Preparing for use: This diaper must be washed in hot water with detergent and dried 4-5 times before use to strip the natural waxes from the unbleached cotton.