Genuine Nuk Cleft Palate Bottle Teat

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A medical product for treating adults.

The NUK Teat Trainer, as a therapeutic tool, makes an important contribution to improving poor sucking skills and to helping rectify oral motor dysfunction (e.g. breathing through the mouth, problems with sucking, chewing, swallowing, speaking and facial gestures). The main focus here is given to the treatment of incorrect swallowing, which is associated with disrupted patterns of tongue movement, and correcting complicated sucking and swallowing actions. Over and above that, using the NUK Teat Trainer can have a positive effect on muscle tone or on the coordination of the inner and outer face muscles. Unrelenting bad habits such as grinding or clenching teeth and tongue thrusting, associated with pain and jaw cracking, can also be effectively treated. The NUK Teat Trainer can be used in speech therapy, orthodontics and physiotherapy too, as part of PADOVAN myotherapy. The method, named after the speech therapist Beatriz Padovan, is a holistic therapy, which observes certain movement patterns of the human development process and makes the patients consciously aware of them. It assumes that complex skills build upon basic competences. Through conscious breathing, sucking, chewing and swallowing, complex speech impairments can be corrected.

Also suitable for stroke patients after consulting their doctor.

This teat is for standard neck bottles.