Gigantic Size 10 German Pacifier

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 Gigantic Adult Baby Pacifier or Dummy

"Latex size 10 nipple with a very large/oversized guard".

This is dramatically larger than other pacifiers in our catalog. The photo comparison will show this in comparison to our other adult size pacifiers

VERY hard to find and sought after in the AB community!

*Handle colour may vary from photos

Teat measures 50x42x26mm

Pacifier guard measures 90x65mm



Care for Healthy Pacifier Usage:

  • Prior to first use, wash in warm soapy water
  • Pacifiers should be replaced approximately every three months

Disclaimer: Do not chew or bite the pacifiers nipple or attempt to dissemble the parts.



9 Reviews

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    Fills Mouth

    Posted by babyofkrystalas on 2020 Feb 6th

    M Mistress/Mummy loves this one as it keeps me quiet. The size of it also makes it impossible to push out with tongue. Good for keeping a sissy baby quiet

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    size 10 german pacifier

    Posted by Michael on 2018 Apr 2nd

    Is well made and perfect in every way it is by far the best pacifier i have bought so far will order more when possible

  • 5

    Posted by Jr on 2018 Mar 13th

    This is the best pacifier I've purchased. Definitely worth the money. The size is definitely larger then any I've ever gotten before. Also great customer service.

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    I'm starting to adore this thing

    Posted by Super Milk-chan on 2018 Jan 23rd

    I felt like I had to make a review and spread the gospel. I was apprehensive because of the price compared to the other pacifiers on this site but it's well worth the money for the size.

    I'm starting to adore this thing. The mouth guard is comically large but definitely makes one feel more babyish. My only issue is the plastic is a little hard/rigid so it may hurt you lips/teeth if you go a little Maggie on it.

    If Rearz themselves ever were to make their own version (like their size 6), keep the size on everything, it's perfect just maybe use a softer plastic like a baby pacifier.

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    Pacifier review

    Posted by Donna on 2017 Aug 25th

    Great pacifier

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    The Largest that is still a proper pacifier

    Posted by Tobias on 2017 Aug 20th

    If you need/wasn't a pacifier that fills your mouth and makes you drool a little this is absolutely perfect. I have even sleepers with one, and I woke up relaxed, still with the pacifier in my mouth and with a little fantastic babyish drool :-) If you crave a bigger pacifier there is none better than this.

  • 5
    Size 10 German pacifier is truely the best pacifier out there . I highly recomend this to all big babies . You will be very satisfied .

    Posted by Baby Girl Kendra on 2017 Aug 19th

    The price is a little high but very well worth every penny . Once you get one you will always want it in your mouth . Perfect for sucking on .

  • 5
    Size 10 German pacifier is a must have pacifier . I recomend this pacifier to all Adult Babies out there . You will love it .

    Posted by Baby Girl on 2017 Jul 6th

    This pacifier is a mouthful that's for sure . But its very comfortable and very satisfying . I highly recommend this to all . It is my new favorite .

  • 5
    Just recieved my pink size #10 German Pacifier . Finally I got what I have wanted like forever . This Pacifier is totally Fantastic . Its 2 1/4 inches long and 1 3/4 inch at its widest part . Its a mouthful thats for sure but will definetely satisf

    Posted by Kendra on 2017 Jun 26th

    Thank you so much for the Girls at Rearz store for your help and advise . You were totally right on when you said this is a must have pacifier . Thank you sooooo much .