Rearz Inspire Select - 12

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Inspire Select

Packs of 12, Now 3 Packs per Case

This limited edition diaper features a huge single tape on either side, which makes for quick and easy changes.

Designed to replicate the all white Pampers from the 80's with a soft blue inner sheet.

* Please note the current stock in large does not have a blue inner.

Same thick film and soft inner you have come to expect. The thick outer is super reliable and very noisy and crinkly.  Most definitely the noisiest plastic in our catalog.

Features front and rear waistbands with approximately a 4 liter capacity.

These are the same cut as other Rearz diapers, however fit on the larger side, due to the single tape design.


Size Fit
Medium 32" to 44" (81cm - 112cm)
Large 40" to 55" (100cm - 150cm)

8 Reviews

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    Love this diaper, just one big problem

    Posted by TJ on 2017 Dec 8th

    This is such an amazing diaper. The feel, the fit, the look are all amazing and the absorbency surprises me every time. I like to wear these as a night diaper as they hold so much and flooding doesn't cause leaks. BUT there is one major problem that I hope Rearz will fix or I will have to stop using this diaper. The problem is the TAPES. They are a wide tape but also a very short tape. Very little of the tape actually touches the landing zone. Of all the Rearz diapers these tapes are sooooo short. If they made them the same length as all their other diapers then these diapers would be perfect. The tapes keep popping on me as there isn't much contact from the tape onto the diaper. Popping tapes during the night always leads to disaster and makes you lose confidence in the diaper. I also like wearing this diaper in the day when I need to go a while without a change but again the tapes seem to pop with lots of movement.

    REARZ: Please improve the size of these tapes it will make this diaper one of the best on the market!!


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    Inspire Select

    Posted by Michael on 2017 Nov 23rd

    This is a great diaper. It's thick and very absorbent. The plain white plastic with blue liner and large single tapes make it similar to the Pampers from the 1980s. Plus, it is one of the few medium-sized diapers that fit me well. It's a little larger than most other mediums. I'm 5'11 and 200 lbs. and usually find mediums too small and large too big. This diaper in medium fits me fine. Great product. One of my favorites!

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    Posted by Travis on 2017 Sep 4th

    Best diapers ever

  • 5

    Posted by Tim on 2017 Sep 1st

    Very good diaper would like more

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    Nice Diaper BUT...

    Posted by Reno on 2017 Aug 31st

    It's nice working diaper good asorbentsy but the tapes don't stay on for long glue stays on the diaper but not the tape and the tapes are a little short if you could make them a little longer and fix the glue problem i'd go 5 stars

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    Excellent choice

    Posted by john on 2017 Aug 25th

    These are actually a very nice diaper, the fit for me was supprisingly good with only two tapes, and it feels very snug, also amazingly quiet.. which can be good at times

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    Inspire Select

    Posted by Daniel McDonnell on 2017 Aug 20th

    Another very fine product. Thank You Rearz for bringing the great new disposables. I wear cloth diapers most of the time but these new disposable diapers have me hooked.

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    Posted by Alain on 2016 Aug 24th

    Good diaper. All white is a winner. Very thick and absorbant and confy but the outside plastic is not as fun as the other Rearz diapers. Not crinkly at all and the touch is not babyish.

    I prefer the Lil Squirt over this one.