Inspire Original Incontinence Briefs

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Inspire Bag

Inspire Original

Bags Contain 12 Briefs, Cases Contain 6 Bags (72 Briefs)

Get Inspired Today with one of the World's Most Absorbent Diapers

Check out our newly redesigned Inspire Original with super fast absorbing core.  The new core is thick enough to give you confidence, yet trim enough for daytime use.  Our newest core has better retaining power, even under pressure.  These ultra high capacity briefs will help you manage any level of incontinence with peace of mind.

Boasting a capacity close to 20 cups, will ensure that you can make it through the day or night comfortably without leaks or skin irritation.  Extended wear of 8-12 hours provides dignity and comfort for both users and caregivers alike.  

Suitable for both severe urinary and fecal incontinence.

Additional features include:

  • Tall standing leak guards to manage sudden and large volumes of both urinary and fecal matter.
  • Elastic waistbands front and back
  • New stronger, refastenable tapes
  • Reinforced frontal panel
  • Strong PE (plastic) outer resists stretching and tearing
Size Fit ISO
Medium 32" to 40" 4930g
Large 36" to 52" 4999g


For night time use try the Inspire+ Incontrol our thickest and most absorbent diaper.


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  • 5

    Posted by Babyboy on 2018 Feb 28th

    They are an awesome diaper

  • 5
    Have to say these are incredible.

    Posted by John on 2018 Feb 7th

    I love the thickness, love the fit also really love the clear heavy plastic across the front, I guess as some would call it the 'landing strip' for the tapes to attach. They really help the tapes stick and they hold great and re-attach easily and hold. Also think this helps them hold their shape when soaked. Love how much they hold and how the swell up. Amazing to think the Safaris could hold more but guess they are rated to. Also love the pink color so plan on trying those next. Keep up the good work.

  • 5

    Posted by Mike on 2018 Jan 23rd

    These are great. Feel dry even when wet. Additional wettings almost imperceptible. Best diaper I have ever used in that department. No more clammy skin. They definitely swell a lot when wet, to a point where it is very noticeable if you are wearing thin clothing over them. You will have the classic wet diaper bulge, but these don't get hard when wet like some other high capacity brands. Not super bulky, but you definitely know its there. Very noisy plastic . Tapes hold up to refastening. Never had one pop. Standing leg gathers are nice and tall. All in all great product

  • 5
    Inspire diapers

    Posted by Roger on 2018 Jan 17th

    Thick. Very absorbent. You know you are wearing a diaper!

  • 3

    Posted by Unknown on 2017 Dec 22nd

    everything is just about great with these aside from the tapes coming off a lot of the time and the smell is different then other diapers.

  • 4
    Good diaper holds lots

    Posted by Kyle on 2017 Dec 19th

    Price is getting to be to much

  • 5

    Posted by Danny on 2017 Dec 8th

    very good diapers I wear it you day I like it a lot

  • 5
    One of the best I've seen in years.

    Posted by Anonamouse on 2017 Oct 30th

    Everything about these diapers screams quality, sturdy, well absorbing, I couldn't say if it could hold 20 cups but certainly felt like it could. The price per diaper for what you get is really nice too especially if you go for the full case. I think Inspire may be the best of the Rearz brand pile.

  • 5
    The best modern diaper from the past

    Posted by Mike on 2017 Oct 3rd

    If you like all white diapers from the 80s and 90s, there is no other diaper that compares. Not only are these all white, but the plastic backing is as thick as the original Attends from the 90s. The Attends were the best AB/DL diaper if you had asked the AB/DL community just a few years ago. For years people in the community have been hunting down an all white diaper with a strong plastic backing like this one. This is a diaper to play and rough house in. Other modern diapers ripe from common activities, such as riding a bike or crawling on on the carpet on your bottom. These diapers stay together. I would love to see another version of this diaper with a little thicker padding inside all around. But this diaper is thick enough to still be great. I hope these never go away.

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