Inspire Original Incontinence Briefs

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Inspire Bag

Inspire Original

Bags Contain 12 Briefs, Cases Contain 6 Bags (72 Briefs)

Get Inspired Today with one of the World's Most Absorbent Diapers

Check out our newly redesigned Inspire Original with super fast absorbing core.  The new core is thick enough to give you confidence, yet trim enough for daytime use.  Our newest core has better retaining power, even under pressure.  These ultra high capacity briefs will help you manage any level of incontinence with peace of mind.

Boasting a capacity close to 20 cups, will ensure that you can make it through the day or night comfortably without leaks or skin irritation.  Extended wear of 8-12 hours provides dignity and comfort for both users and caregivers alike.  

Suitable for both severe urinary and fecal incontinence.

Additional features include:

  • Tall standing leak guards to manage sudden and large volumes of both urinary and fecal matter.
  • Elastic waistbands front and back
  • New stronger, refastenable tapes
  • Reinforced frontal panel
  • Strong PE (plastic) outer resists stretching and tearing
Size Fit ISO
Medium 32" to 40" 4930g
Large 36" to 52" 4999g


For night time use try the Inspire+ Incontrol our thickest and most absorbent diaper.


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  • 4

    Posted by Kyle on 2017 Oct 1st

    They are good diapers work very well at night the back wings are a little short that's why I put 4 stars would be nice for the wings to be a few inches bigger for the people that are in between sizes

  • 5
    love them

    Posted by Kayleepinkk on 2017 Sep 30th

    Great fit, super comfy!

  • 5
    I love these.

    Posted by Theresa Sawatzky on 2017 Sep 28th

    I love these. They are very absorbant, and have a really loud crinkle which I really love.

  • 5
    Inspire Diapers

    Posted by Ryan on 2017 Aug 27th

    I have been wearing these diapers for a couple of years now. I'm always on the hunt for three things the first being a solid color the second being noise the third is plastic backing. Growing up with this fetish in the 90s all diapers had these points but fewer and fewer options have been available to us on the market. This diaper hits all three of my wishes on the spot. I love the solid white color having no lines or printing is excellent. The plastic is incredibly thick which is great and the crinkle factor is extremely loud and noticeable. When you walk with these on even under clothes its noticeable. As a tip to those looking at this product I like to buy a size larger then I wear here's why: I wear a diaper that fits me perfectly I use a spiked roller to perforate the outside water proof material. Then Using this diaper as almost a cover but being one size to large insures that the material will rustle when walking or moving around. It also allows you to get more time and more wettings out of your diaper plus added bulk. I recommend trying these out you'll be hooked!

  • 5

    Posted by Adam on 2016 Jun 19th

    This is my fist review about Rearz Inspire Diapers. I just got my first samples from them on Friday and I got to say they are the best diapers i ever use.I try many diapers in the past like Depend maximum protection and Tena super briefs they break easy and they don't hold as much but they were the only diapers i could buy, now on to the review.

    1: The Rearz Inspire are super thick and super bulky compare to Depend maximum protection and Tena super briefs also the thick vintage style PE backing feel nice and they feel like real diapers the inside of it feel super soft and very comfy the tape are super strong and the fit is amazing, well this part i give it my best rate 5 thumps up.

    2: Absorbency hmmmm well i can compare them with the other two brand, Rearz Inspire is the best in that department so i made a test in the morning usually when i wake up i put on my depend or my tena (depending on witch i buy at the store) and started to flood them i feel when it wet and they leak down my legs no fun at all so that morning i tested out one of my Rearz Inspire samples i put it on then started to the flood them and HOLY SWEET MOTHER OF COWS it left me absolutely speechless i flooded the living daylight out of it and i felt absolutely dry as a bone i have never seen a diaper absorb that fast like that in my life my god i sat on my bed, lie on me stomach and my bed was as dry as i was, i give this part my best rate 5 thump up.

    Overall the Rearz Inspire diapers are the best i ever use i will be sure to order some more in the future.

  • 4

    Posted by Christopher on 2016 Apr 16th

    Wonderful diaper I must say. Very thick very crinkly and very hard to hide, wonderful diaper. That being said, I purchased the medium ones and a size size 32 to 42 inch. I happen to be a size 38 pants and these just fit with about a half an inch or so to spare. Still a wonderful diaper and all. Can't wait to actually try try it out, this is my first what I'm purchasing from Rearz, I will definitely buy more but I will definitely be buying the next size up wonderful diaper

  • 4

    Posted by Katrina on 2016 Jan 27th

    These diapers are wonderful! They are even better than the older inspire and excellent quality. They are quite thick and have a taping panel on the front, front and back waistbands and all the features of a premium diaper.

    Fit: as far as the fit goes, this is the only thing that I have a bit of a problem with. I find the mediums very tight and they dig into my thighs. This results in the bottom tapes popping and the diaper coming loose on one side. The rise on the mediums is also very low.The larges however are way to big and the tapes reach all the way around the front so I can barely see the taping panel when they are fastened. As a result the front of the diaper bunches up just underneath where the tapes are. The diaper also comes up really high, as far up as my rib cage and I am also unable to get a tight enough fit around my legs and waist. Because of this sometimes the diaper will leak before it even close to its capacity. This is the only reason I gave this diaper a 4 out of 5. If the fit was better they I would give these diapers a 5.

    Absorbency: the absorbency is great on these diapers. They are in the same league as a comfycare, fabine and crinklz. These are definitely for heavy wetters and those that flood their diapers. I would also highly recommend these for overnight use, long trips, and any other time that requires extended wear. These diapers are also great for those who sit a lot of who are bed bound. They also swell up nicely when they are wet and wick very well.

    Conclusion: Overall, these diapers are a great product and are practical and functional in every way. They are not the most discreet and they crinkle loudly. For those who want to be more discreet this is something to consider. These diapers are extremely comfortable even when they are very wet. For the price per diaper they are definitely worth it.

  • 5

    Posted by Derrick on 2015 Dec 15th

    Just like Spoiled, these are amazingly soft, super absorbant and incredibly comfortable. Perfect for all night wearing because you only need one!

  • 5

    Posted by Michael on 2015 Nov 17th

    Unbelievable Diaper. For me and many others, I really love the crinkle factor and the smooth plastic. For the few individuals that are concerned with the crinkle factor which so many including myself love, just buy diapers that are cloth backed.

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