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It is made from semi-transparent latex,  NUDE color only, soft to touch, with a nicely smooth surface

This very stretchy medical pant is worth trying unless you suffer from an alergy to latex. 

It provides a good protection for moderate or mild urinary incontinence in the daytime.  It holds absorbent pads in place and helps to conceal diapers nice and smoothly under light clothing because it holds them tightly against the body: 

it functions similarly to a ladies' girdle from 1950s and 1960s, however, it is made all only in 100% latex, in no other material and it is very smooth and soft (see the small photographs of the latex pant, worn over a white diaper). 

The pant has high waist for better overnight protection.    These are very valuable advantages.  For some persons, this is a very useful and helpful medical product that should have been widely available long ago. 


The disadvantages are as follows.  It should never be used or touched by patients with alergy to latex .  Furthermore, its crotch section is not sufficiently large to cover very bulky diapers (those bulky between legs) for heavy incontinence.  The shortest distance between the 2 leg openings is approximately only 6" (15.5cm), for the M size pant.  However, it is still suitable to cover various less bulky diapers and pads, for the daytime, for those who do not want to have a too conspicuous bulk between their legs anyway. Furthermore, persons with abundant body hair on their upper thighs may find that the leg opening of the stretchy latex pant may painfully pull on their hair, especially while undressing.  Use talc powder (same as "baby powder" sold in drugstores) to minimize these difficulties.  With respect to washing instructions, this latex pant is the only exception to the rule in our catalog: it is preferable not to wash this latex pant in washing machines, it is safer to wash it by hand (all our other plastic and rubber garments in our catalog can be washed in washing machines).  Although we have repeatedly washed this latex pant in a washing machine without noticing any damage or any other adverse effects to the pant, it is possible that some other washing machines, or some other laundry soaps,  or hot water could perhaps damage these pants. 
Dry the pants off in a towel and then powder them with talc powder (same as "baby powder").  This powder minimizes the static cling that could ruin these pants when storing them. Talc powder also makes the dressing and undressing easier.  
Photographs    Some of the photographs show our latex pant worn over a white diaper.  As the pant is slightly transparent, you may partly see the diaper through the latex material.   Although the pant on some of our photographs may appear very white (with a slight shade of creamy yellow, as often seen on medical latex), our present stock is in a skintone khaki color, as on the photograph on the right (the color may slightly vary from pant to pant, from almost white to darker khaki). Do not leave the pant in direct sun light, this may cause color changes (irregular darker areas, etc). 


This product is extremely difficult to find in other medical stores, however, it is very useful.  


The sizes of these pants are slightly bigger in the hip area than the sizes of the pant #705 because some of the space in the back of the pant #705 was lost to making more space for diapers between the legs.
Extra-Small (XS) for waists  24" to 28" (60cm to 70cm), hips up to 32" (81cm), or up to 33" (84cm) for a  very tight fit. 
Medium (M) for waists 32" to 36" (81cm to 92cm),  hips up to 38" (97cm),  or up to 39" (100cm) for a  very tight fit. 
(At the moment we do not have the Small (S) size for waists   26" to 31" (66cm to 80cm), hips up to 36" (93cm), or up to 37" (95cm) for a  very tight fit.   As soon as it is again available, it will be again listed here).