Lil' Monster Adult Footed Jammies

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Finally a pajama for those cotton lovers. 

If you love breathable Jammies that you won't overheat in at night, you are sure to be delighted with this Lil' Monsters print from Rearz

Snaps fully down the front and legs like a newborn sleeper. Available for a limited time.

Jammies Sizes









Collar to

Crotch Length

72cm (28.3”)

82.5cm (32.4”)

87.6cm (34.4”)

92.7cm (36.4”)

98.4cm (38.7”)

103.5cm (40.7)



Chest Circumference

76.2cm (30”)

83.8cm (32.9”)

91.4cm (35.9”)

106.6cm (41.9”)

114.3cm (45”)

127cm (50”)

132cm (51.9”)


Sleeve length

62cm (24.4”)

65cm (25.5”)

67cm (26.3”)

68cm (26.7”)

69cm (27.1”)

69cm (27.1”)



Sleeve Cuff


18cm (7”)

20cm (7.8”)

22cm (8.6”)

24cm (9.4”)

26cm (10.2”)

26cm (10.2”)



Thigh Circumference

54cm (21.2”)

56cm (22”)

60cm (23.6”)

64cm (25.1”)

68cm (26.7)

72cm (28.3”)



Knee Circumference

46cm (18.1”)

48cm (18.8”)

52cm (20.4”)

54cm (21.2”)

60cm (23.6”)

64cm (25.1”)



Leg Length

72cm (28.3”)

74cm (29.1”)

76cm (29.9”)

77cm (30.3”)

77cm (30.3”)

100cm (39.3”)

100cm (39.3”)


Foot Length

24cm (9.4”)

26cm (10.2”)

27cm (10.6”)

28cm (11”)

28cm (11”)

28cm (11”)



Foot Width

10cm (3.9”)

10cm (3.9”)

10cm (3.9”)

11cm (4.3”)

11cm (4.3”)

11cm (4.3”)


95% Cotton, 5% spandex.

Made in the PRC.

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  • 5
    Onesie & Jammies review: perfect for me

    Posted by Murky D on 2021 Sep 9th

    I'm writing a joint review for the onesie and the jammies, since I wear them together. These clothes have been a great source of comfort for me over the past two months I've had them. First of all, they're physically comfortable, and they let me sleep well in a room that lays a bit heavy on the AC. They're super soft, and I just like feeling them against my skin. And wearing the jammies under a pair of long pants in the morning is one of the most comfortable feelings my legs have ever felt. I could absolutely use these as an insulating undershirt in the winter. Second of all, they're emotionally comfortable. I like how the jammies fit loosely going around, but still wrap snugly around my feet nicely vertically. I like how the onesie pulls my underpants (and sometimes training pants) up into my groin, it makes me feel very secure and supported. And when I wear big boy pants on top of either, it gives my tummy a tucked-in look that I think is kind of cute. I also love the designs on these clothes. I find myself looking at Draco the Dragon whenever I feel down. There are a few caveats to these clothes, but I can't really count them against my onesie or jammies. I'm a guy, and can easily pee in the toilet just by unbuttoning a few buttons. However, I need to take the jammies half-off in order to poop in the toilet. I suppose this is by design, and I should try to get back in diapers for full convenience: I'm just not in a position to wear diapers right now, so I need to keep my potty training. The onesie sizing is a bit small, so even though I wear large T-shirts and jammies, I wear an extra large onesie, and it works for me. Also, I specifically bought the Li'l Monsters clothes because it was the only set of clothes that didn't have a pink or white background, but now that I see them in person, they're more of an off-white background instead of a blue. Again, I don't count any of these against the clothes themselves. It's just a set of circumstances I'd rather not have. Overall, I've decided over the past couple months that I'm going to add the Rearz onesies and jammies to my permanent wardrobe. They've made me feel so comfortable and given me such support that I always want them with me, regardless if I'm wearing diapers or not. If Rearz ever makes another onesie or jammies that are a darker shade of blue or purple, I'll snatch them up real fast. Maybe they could have more of Draco's dragon friends?

  • 5

    Posted by Larry Plunkett on 2021 May 5th

    Warm and comfortable great design alaws for easy diaper changes

  • 5
    Lil Monster Jammies

    Posted by Mike M. on 2021 Mar 14th

    I am absolutely in love with my Lil Monster Jammies the cotton is super soft and comfy. I wear them every night with my lil monster diaper and pacifier. They keep me very warm. All together 10 out 10

  • 5
    The most comfortable

    Posted by Tom Elias on 2021 Feb 13th

    These pjs are so stinking comfortable! I love how the button all the way down and are oh so cute! First piece of clothing from here and you guys blew it out of the water!

  • 5
    Very good

    Posted by Steven on 2020 Dec 28th

    Super comfy love it will buy more like it

  • 5
    Love these Monsters

    Posted by Tyler on 2020 Dec 27th

    This onsie is super comfy actually ordered two, I was unsure if the footsies would fit having size 14 feet but its fits well and is nice and warm. Have issues with cold feet and now it's not a problem. Then buttons are also well designed and don't unpop randomly. This with Monsters diapers underneath soooo nice.

  • 5
    Comfortable Jammie

    Posted by Alexander Peixoto on 2020 Dec 11th

    Love these they're so soft i love wearing them all day when I can :D

  • 5

    Posted by Anon on 2020 Dec 8th

    Very soft and comfortable... XL Possibly a little big for 5'11 & 34" waist, though washing makes it perfectly snug.

  • 5
    Very Nice!

    Posted by Kevin on 2020 Oct 22nd

    I cannot stress enough how much I love the design, it fits great the material is a bit stretchy and the snaps are firm and tight but also come off and go on very easy! There is lots of room for things like diapers as well. Also, it's very breathable!