Lil' Monsters Diapers

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Lil' Monsters!

Our first production had smaller tapes than we had hoped for, so we are discounting the first production as additional tape may be required on some sizes. Discount will appear in the shopping cart.


 Embrace your inner Lil' Monster with these new super cute Diapers! Bring the crew along with you, Draco the Dragon, Puffy the Pink puffball, Unicrest the Three Eyed Dinosaur, Midnight (Blue) & Twinkle (Purple).

 This Diaper is Unlike Anything We Have Offered Before!

An all new Plastic backing not available on any Rearz Diaper, featuring our very first Wetness Indicator (Once Wet the Monster Paw Prints and Rearz logo disappear). Softly scented with a moisture activated vintage fragrance, this will bring you back to your youth.  Lil' Monsters offer an advanced level of Odor Protection unlike any other product.

Featuring all premium features such as Tall Standing Leg Guards, Amazing Elastic Waistbands, Super Soft Inner, Reinforced Front Panel and 4 Refastenable Tapes.

Offering Protection Day or Night with a Rapid absorbing core. Capacity 3700ml

We have taken more time to bring this product to market than any other in the history of our company.  We have taken care in all the details including some like clear tapes so the print is not obscured, waterproof inks so the ink will not transfer to fabric and more.



Size Medium Large X-Large
Width 67cm  26.4" 80cm  31.5" 85cm  33.5"
Length 84cm  33.1" 96cm  37.8" 102cm  40.2"
Waist Sizing 76-112cm 29.9"- 44.1" 96-124cm 37.8"- 48.8" 112-145cm 44.1"- 57.1"
Per Bag 14 12 12

 3 Bags per Case

Please note size ranges are absolute maximums and these tend to fit on the smaller side compared to our other styles.  You should select a size where you are on the low to medium side of the measurements

*Notice* Please be aware these fit on the small side, if you are unable to fasten the tapes on the shiny landing zone, you must go up a size or the tapes will not hold. 


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  • 5
    Cute, comfortable and crinkly

    Posted by Whokilledkenny on 2018 Aug 11th

    These are a perfect fit. I have a 40 inch waist (38 jeans) and the large fit perfectly. Wear these out if you dare because they are noisy even under jeans. They hold up very well and I never noticed the scent that they we stated to have. Either way a great diaper that has everything you are looking for ... enjoy

  • 4

    Posted by Adam on 2018 Aug 2nd

    the monsters diaper is great but the only thing I find wrong is the tapes do not stick very well need to change them and you would have the best diaper

  • 4
    Lil monsters medium diapers

    Posted by Jamie on 2018 Aug 1st

    The diaper fit is great and is very absorbent. The tapes have a very short area that sticks to the diaper.

  • 3
    good diaper

    Posted by doug johnson on 2018 Jul 9th

    the tapes are un even and come undone

  • 3
    Tapes aren't great.

    Posted by Crinklecut on 2018 Jul 5th

    As much as I love rearz diapers and their good quality. These diapers kinda fell short. The print and feel is great but unfortunately the tapes don't hold very well and the
    absorbency isn't as advertised. I even had one split in the back tonight. I wish these were better.

  • 4
    Lil Monsters

    Posted by Emilie on 2018 Jun 25th

    The diaper is super adorable and absorbent, but the tapes are awful. Definitely need duct tape on hand to wear them.

  • 4
    Great start!

    Posted by Auramagick on 2018 Jun 23rd

    These diapers are so cute, the design differences between these and your other products and ones on the market already are going good places, the extended front, well standing leak guards, scrunchy front and back, wide sides etc, all are great. This is a first gen diaper right now. The tapes need to be put on specifically, especially because of the front being so much larger than usual, so you can't just slap your tapes in the same places you're used to. When you're using a new diaper, find what works right. The tapes aren't amazing, but it's the first iteration of this diaper and as we all know it takes a couple times to get it just right. The wetness indicators are super cute, but bleed a lil into the core material, which is fine by me actually, but it's hard to produce a colored wetness indicator that's not a grey, and it just disappear (lil paws), that's why (space) have the area around the aliens, to hide that bleeding effect. No complaints whatsoever about the absorbency and rate, the packaging is adorable, and what little hasn't been called lil monster.. lol.... All in all.... I love these diapers and will keep buying them. Thank you rearz for another great product. Upgrade the tapes for the next run and these will be a staple.

  • 1
    Tapes don't stay stuck

    Posted by Lildean on 2018 Jun 17th

    The tapes these do not stay stuck. This causes the diaper to become I'll fitting and leak. Because of that , I gotta give them two thumbs down. Don't get me wrong, they are super cute. But cute alone doesn't keep the seat and the sheets dry. I love your Safari diapers and hoped your Lil Monsters would have performed as well. Fix the tapes and I these things got potential.

  • 4
    Lil monsters diapers

    Posted by Peter on 2018 Jun 15th

    I like the design and the absorbancy is also good. I love the outer plastic cover, and the tapes are holding well

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