Medic Pro Cleft Palate Nipples/Teats - 6

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NukNipple x6

6 Nuk Latex Teats per box

Designed in Germany as a drinking aid for children with untreated cleft palate.

Large, curved roof of teat to cover the cleft palate
A teat hole can be inserted at a later stage

For newborns with a cleft palate, there are almost always problems when it comes to feeding: They are unable to exert the downward pressure which is required in the mouth for sucking. This makes both breastfeeding and bottle feeding using standard teats extremely difficult or not at all possible.

The NUK MedicPro Cleft Palate Teat has been developed as a drinking aid which takes into consideration the specific anatomical requirements of babies with cleft lips, as well as those undergoing pre-operative, orthodontic treatment.

Use of the teat endorsed by the medical clinics: The cleft palate teat promotes the sucking, chewing and feeding habits of the child and facilitates an almost natural drinking action. With every mouthful, the curved teat presses against and seals the cleft palate, preventing any food from interfering with the child's airways. At the same time, the food is mixed well with saliva to the benefit of your child's digestion.

The special teat fits all standard narrow-neck commercially available baby bottles.

Can also be used by adults

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