Mega Size 10+ German Pacifier

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"Latex size 10+ nipple with a very large/oversized guard". The Mega pacifier has a lip ring, making the teat longer than the Gigantic version.  This pacifier is the largest in our catalog.

This is dramatically larger than other pacifiers in our catalog. The photo comparison will show this in comparison to our other adult size pacifiers.  

VERY hard to find and sought after in the AB community!

Pacifier guard measures 90x65mm

Teat measures 68x30mm 

Care for Healthy Pacifier Usage: 

  • Prior to first use, wash in warm soapy water
  • Pacifiers should be replaced approximately every three months

3 Reviews

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    Good for the big littles

    Posted by Adam Brady on 2020 Jan 9th

    For those whom are bigger this it the one that will give you comfort.

  • 5
    Very Happy

    Posted by Steven on 2018 Aug 8th

    Purchased Yellow and could not be more happier. Fits well. All that I have been hoping for in a pacifier and now I have one. Thank You

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    Fills your mouth like a paci should

    Posted by D T on 2018 Apr 30th

    Do not let the price steer you away. This paci is worth the price. Starting with the guard, it is actually proportionate to an adult sized face, so it is huge. It's the same kind of plastic material as a standard guard from what I can tell, so it's just as good as the Nuk series.

    However, there is no beating the size of the teat. It is literally the largest thing I've had in my mouth and fills it from bottom to top. I do have slight difficulty having it in for long periods of time but satisfies me nonetheless.