Molicare Mobile Super/Premium Underwear

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Now: US$10.55
Mobile plus

Molicare Mobile Super Pull Up

MoliCare Mobile Super pull up pants look and feel like normal underwear and offer the highest level of leakage protection.

Features include the tear open seams for easy changing and a soft textile-like back sheet for greater comfort.

MoliCare Mobile Super pull ups have a three way protection system which gives MoliCare Mobile extra-strong leakage protection. The unique DryPlus non-woven layer locks liquid away rapidly to keep the skin comfortably dry.

The super absorbent materials in the core guarantee fast fluid absorption while the soft, water repellent inner cuffs offer additional leakage protection at the sides.

Code           Size                Measurement      Packaging/Case
915871      Small                  60-90cm               14 (4 x 14)
915872      Medium            80-120cm              14 (4 x 14)
915873      Large                100-150cm            14 (4 x 14)
915874      X Large            130-170cm             14 (4 x 14)


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