Nursery Print PVC Pant

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A sturdy and reliable plastic pant

Made from a printed plastic with cute designs that were originally developed for handicapped teenagers in nursing homes as a way of cheering them up by the colours.  

It is now very popular with persons of all ages. The printed pattern consists of polka dots and cartoon animal figures on a pink background or on a yellow background.  

Please note the K-series is less soft and more rustling plastic than the regular Christy versions of this pant.

The pant is not transparent, so it can be worn even in places such as the change room in a gym, or at a swiming pool, or during a medical checkup, whenever the hygienic protection is required.  

The elastics cover both sides of the leg and waist openings.  

These are very good and relatively durable pants at a very good price.  

The plastic has a smooth surface and feels sturdy to touch, similarly to the old Gerber style vinyl pants for children. Similarly to Gerber pants, the material of #K-220 is less soft than our regular #240 pants. The sizes and style are comparable to those of pants #150 and #155 and #RM240. The pant covers about the same area of the body as the pant #150 or #155. However, the XL and XXL size are not available.


Approximate sizes (please measure over diapers or pads): 
Small (S)
 for waist 26" to 34" (66cm-92cm), hips to 38" (99cm). 
Medium (M)
 for waist 30" to 40" (77cm-108cm), hips to 42" (110cm). 
Large (L)
 for waist 36" to 47" (92cm-125cm), hips to 48" (125cm). 


This photo below shows the comparison from low, medium and high waisted versions of this pant (photographed in the size Large)