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The impressive Omutsu is our fastest selling washable diaper. Once you have tried these, you will wonder where they have been your whole life! The Omutsu is both fabulous and functional. 

Try these thick and heavy duty cloth diapers today. Omutsu is the thickest adult fitted diaper in our store.  It is designed for night use with full coverage and a higher rise than average.  

Can be used in combination with disposables for increased capacity, added bulk or easy cleanup.

Soft brushed cotton inside and out.

The Nighttime Omutsu is specially made with extra layers of protection for heavy to total incontinence!

Size Fit

Small (Labelled S-M)


Medium (Labelled M-L)


Large (Labelled L-XL)


Omutsu Bulky fitted diapers are not waterproof and should be combined with a waterproof cover.

These diapers hold up to 6 cups of fluid - great for day or night with a booster! No folding, no pins, just  add a cover and go!

The core features a thick pillow of viscose for maximum absorbency!!!

Don't forget that all of this is finished with easy to use and adjust hook and loop closures. The handy laundry tab of loop to fold back over the hook part, prevents tangling in the wash.

These are cotton and will shrink approximately 5% after washing. Wash before use.

Made in China


For instructions on how to properly wash and care for reusable products, please refer to this page.


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  • 4

    Posted by Misty on 2021 May 19th

    There a little thinner then I thought they would be. There still super cute and soft

  • 4
    Pretty OK

    Posted by Jordan on 2021 Apr 23rd

    These are pretty OK, I love the pattern but the fabric Pills lightly after the first two washes - which the instructions say to do right away. It says you can machine dry these on the package, which unfortunately you need to do because line drying takes far too long. When I put in dryer a lot of the fluff inside seemed to get caught in the lint filter so I question if the viscose is escaping from the diaper. There were no open or damaged areas I could find so it is just getting out through the inner/outer cover. I have heavy wets so this sadly still needs boosters, all by itself I would use it as a daytime diaper, it is not up for nighttime on my side. Overall it is still worth the money, Hopefully a good amount of that is actually paid to the Semesters because it is made in China / PRC

  • 5
    omutsu cloth diaper

    Posted by nolan on 2021 Feb 13th

    very soft and fits well, I like the bulky feel and i also use a booster to help keep it cleaner just in case. great product...

  • 5
    Very awesome diaper

    Posted by Terence Johnson on 2021 Jan 10th

    I've tried a few cloth diapers in the past but none as good as this one I'm definitely going to be ordering more

  • 5

    Posted by Charlotte on 2020 Aug 17th

    Never tried cloth diapers before these, and wow what an introduction! The fluff and size really makes these nighttime diapees impossible to walk in without chafing (I learned the hard way). Although I put a booster pad in all my incontinence wear, I can wear these omutsus all day without worrying about changing (unlike pullups). During summer its a little extra warm to wear (especially with diaper covers), but convenience makes it worth it

  • 5
    Good cloth diaper choice

    Posted by James Dillons on 2020 Jun 15th

    All Omutsu cloth diapers are thick and easy to clean! The pattern is nice too. Did you know omutsu means diaper in Japanese?

  • 5
    Fluffs Up

    Posted by babyofkrystalas on 2020 Feb 6th

    After washing first the fluff up and fit wonderfully

  • 5
    Omutsu bulky nighttime cloth diaper

    Posted by Scott Arsenault on 2019 Dec 11th

    I just love my bulky nighttime diapers would recommend to anybody only a little complaint not enough girl patterns