Omutsu Roomy Nighttime Plastic Pants

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This is a high waisted nighttime pant with wide elastics. The hips are extra roomy to accommodate very thick or doubled up diapers.

These are a special order and take 7-10 days to prepare.  

Large and spacious for bulky diapers, wide crotch, high waist, and made with a 3/4" (2 cm) wide elastics at waist and legs.

SIZES:  There is a limit on the hip size due to the fact that the hips must pass through the waist opening. However, once inside, the actual hip space is much larger, made for very bulky diapers. 

Made in Canada of 100% pvc.

Small size for  waist 28"-34" (72cm to 87cm), hips up to 41" (104cm). 
Medium size for waist 32"-48"(82cm to 122cm), hips up to 51" (132cm). 
Large size for waist 36"-54"(92cm to 138cm), hips to 57" (144cm). 
Extra-Large size for waist 44"-65"(110cm to 162cm), hips to 68" (169cm).