Organic Sherpa One Size Prefold/Inserts - 2

Sherpa Prefold 821904001500

Package of 2 Thirsty Sherpa Diapers / Booster Pads

This is a versatile and super soft product designed for all ages. It is super thirsty, boasting a capacity of almost 2 cups.
For infants this is a maximum absorbency product suitable for day or night use. For adults this offers medium adult daytime protection or can be combined with other diapers to boost their absorbency.


Each insert weighs ~120g for maximum absorbency.  They hold about 2 cups of fluid. Cotton is very reliable, fast absorbing and easy to care for.


What is Sherpa?

Sherpa is a very soft, densely woven cotton that imitates the softness and comfort of lambs wool.


Approximately 12x14" in size.  They are folded into 3 for a trim fit. 



The tri-fold design allows for faster drying time of the more absorbent materials.

These are Luxurious One Size Prefolds.
The ultimate in softness and absorbency. They're super soft and a little stretchy. These inserts are so thirsty you could skip the diaper! Boasting a capacity of 2 cups.
Oh and did we mention they are trim as well?
These are also great in G-diaper covers if you don't want to use the disposable inserts. Can be folded in half or thirds depending on the users size. If you have been searching for the best insert, soaker or booster ever, you need not look further.
These are great for super heavy wetters. If you run out of diapers just throw one of these in your flip diaper, cover or any diapering system you happen to have in your stash.
Because these diapers are so thickly woven for softness and durability, you will notice that they take 7-8 washes to reach maximum absorbency, unlike cheaper diapers that will in 2 washes. Prewash in hot water with vinegar.  Or if you don't want to wash so many times boil for 12 minutes with a drop of dish soap.
One size Design: 2 thick layers
Dimensions: 12" x 14" 
Approx. Weight Range If Fastening: 8 - 25 lbs


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