Pull Up Flannel Diapers - 5 pack

US$14.94 - US$22.42
W1235 804/803 - bundle

Carol/Jackie (#803/804)  Pull on Diapers

 This diaper has the advantage of looking almost like normal cotton underwear. 

However, it is all made from a thick diaper flannel material (100% cotton) with five layers between the legs.

It is very thick, especially in the seat and between legs, to protect the person in a seated position or while standing or walking. 

Four of these five layers reach from the crotch up to almost the waist elastics in the front and also almost up to the waist elastics in the back.  
This four layer section is approximately  8" (20cm) wide in the S-size pant and approximately 10" (25cm) wide in the M size pant.

There is an additional layer between the legs. The hip sides have only one layer of flannel.  
The diaper is particularly well suited for hot summers, during the daytime, for those who suffer from mild to moderate loss of urine and do not wish to use any waterproof pants, or for those with heavy incontinence as long as they wear this diaper under a good waterproof pant.

This diaper holds at least 2+ cups of fluid and in moderately absorbent. 

There is an approximately 3/4" (2cm) wide elastic at waist and approximately  0.4" (1 cm) wide elastics at legs. 

 The best plastic pants to comfortably use over the Carol diaper are those with high waist, such as Angela #151, Beta #060, #063, Christie #260, #263, Susan #160 or #163, or even the Olga pants #460 and #463.  The best rubber pants for this purpose are also those with high waist, such as Christie #660, #663, Susan #360 or #363, or even the Olga pants #560 and #563. Sizes: 

Small for waist 28" to 42" (71cm to 105cm), hips maximum 44" (109cm). 

Medium for waist 30" to 47" (76cm to 120cm), hips maximum 49" (125cm)

Large (L) for waist from 33" to 52" (from 84cm to 132cm), hips maximally 59"(150cm). 

Extra-Large (XL) for waist from 41" to 64" (from 104cm to 160cm), hips maximally 75" (190cm).

When chosen in a tight fit, the pant looks fairly inconspicuous, however, it is moderately absorbent:


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