PVC Medical Gown/Dress 5 pack

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W1273-487 BlueDress

Great for sleeping or summertime protection.

Made in 100% vinyl, in the style of a ladies' dress, with a very wide neck opening. 

The dress is solid on both sides, front and back, no openings. 

The only way to dress the patient is over the head, the same as a regular ladies dress. 

The neck opening is very wide, to provide more air circulation and also for more easy dressing and undressing.

The dress can be worn over a matching plastic pant with diapers, and over a matching ladies' top. 
The dress is about 47" (120 cm long), measured from the shoulders down to the bottom of the skirt section. 

Sky blue vinyl, thin, soft, smooth, shiny, semitransparent .

The size categories  are based on the chest and waist measures.  The skirt is very wide, for large hips and bulky diapers.

Medium for waist and chest circumference from 26" to 36" (65 cm to 92 cm). 
Large  for waist and chest circumference from 29" to 43" (75 cm to 111 cm). 
Extra Large  for waist and chest circumference from 37" to 55" (from 93 cm to 140 cm). 


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